Onboarding Checklist for Prospective MC Participants at UofL and JCTC

This checklist is for current and incoming UofL and JCTC students who are interested in signing their first Metropolitan College (MC) agreement and are not currently participating in School To Work.

Choose this checklist if...

  • You've never participated in MC before.
  • You're not participating in UPS’s School-to-Work program

These are the steps you need to complete to become a Metropolitan College participant. If you have any questions, please contact us.

MC is available to eligible, active, part-time UPS employees in Next Day Air hub, ramp, and freight at Louisville Air District (2265) with shifts that start between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. 

Here's a two-page, printer-friendly version: MC Checklist in English or MC Checklist in Spanish.  Review and print our Metropolitan College Program Overview to learn more about the program. 

Learn More About Metro College and UPS

Want to attend college and graduate debt free?

Connect with Metropolitan College and learn more about our program through an email, phone call, office visit, JCTC or UofL Orientation, and/or attend an online information session! 

Let us know you are interested in learning more about UPS employment by submitting a UPS Interest Form

If you are interested in learning more about UPS employment, or you need assistance navigating the UPS employment process to become a MC eligible employee, connect with a UPS recruiter at your preferred institution.

  • University of Louisville Current or Prospective MC Student
  • Jefferson Community and Technical College Current or Prospective MC Student
    • Email Recruiter: Bayleigh Vorbrink; bvorbrink@ups.com; 502-541-9980 

Step 1: Get Hired and Get Started

Work at UPS Part-Time, in a 3rd Shift Position at Louisville’s Next Day Air Operation.

Apply and Get Hired at UPS:

  • Apply to www.UPSjobs.com/worldport
    • Don’t miss an opportunity to get hired! UPS hiring needs vary and open positions near the start of a semester are not guaranteed.  Applications are processed as received. Applying early will also provide time for you to adjust to the nightshift before your first semester as a MC student.
    • If the job posting is not available, check back daily. 

If you have questions about the UPS hiring process, please email:

Audra Butler - abutler@ups.com (Future or Current UofL Student)

Bayleigh Vorbrink bvorbrink@ups.com; 502-541-9980 (Future or Current JCTC Student)


You must be actively employed at UPS by the established semester hire-by-dates listed below to receive MC program benefits. These dates are subject to change based on semester hiring needs. Contact MC at askmetro@kctcs.edu to confirm a particular semester hire-by-date.

  • February 28 for Spring
  • July 1 for Summer
  • September 15 for Fall

Meet with an Academic Advisor at your school and enroll in a minimum 1 credit hour (1 class) to be eligible to sign a MC agreement.

Attending JCTC or UofL? We cover both!


(1) Apply at JCTC, then review the Enrollment Checklist to complete the enrollment process.

(2) Your home JCTC campus must be listed in PeopleSoft as one of the following to be eligible for MC payment (JFC, JFCSW, JFCTC, JFCSC, JFCCA, or JFCBC)


(1) Apply at UofL, then visit New Cards to stay in the know about important dates and events at UofL.  

(2) If interested, apply for first-year housing within the MC Themed Community by April 15. 

(3) To utilize MC benefits at the University of Louisville (UofL), you must meet one of the following criteria: 

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.3 or higher (GED 660).
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher (GED 600) and a 21 ACT/1060 SAT composite or Superscore.
  • 60 transferable college credit hours or an associate degree.

Unsure if you are eligible for MC benefits at UofL?

Students who do not meet one of the admission criteria listed above have several options to receive Metro College benefits at the University of Louisville:

  1. Participate in Metropolitan College at Jefferson Community and Technical College and participate in the University of Louisville Transfer Program, ULtra. Once you earn 60 transferable college credit hours or have earned an associate degree, you may receive MC benefits at the University of Louisville. Students are strongly encouraged to consider this option and to utilize the services of ULtra. ULtra counselors will advise students of JCTC courses that support their transfer to UofL.
  2. Utilize UPS Earn and Learn benefits (while working in a MC eligible work shift) during your first semester at UofL. If you obtain a 2.7 or higher UofL GPA during this first term in the Earn and Learn program, you can submit an MC petition for admission to the Metropolitan College program the following semester.
  3. Submit a MC petition requesting an exception to the MC UofL admission policy. An exception to the UofL MC admission policy will be considered when extenuating circumstances prevented adherence to the MC UofL admission criteria. When available, relevant documentation should be submitted with the petition. Submission of a MC petition does not guarantee approval.  If you have completed any coursework at JCTC, and you do not meet MC UofL requirements, you must meet with ULtra Transfer Services to complete the following steps to submit a petition:
    1. Step 1: Schedule a meeting (in-person or virtual) with ULtra Transfer Services to determine when you should transfer to UofL as an MC student.
      1. Log on to the scheduling page: Contact & Office Hours — Office of Adult & Transfer Services (louisville.edu). Plan in advance as it may be 24 hours or more before an appointment is available
      2. Scroll down and select "Book Now" under a staff member.
      3. In the form, under "What would you like to talk about during the meeting?" write "Support to file and MC petition for UofL".
    2. Step 2: Meet with the ULtra staff member and request this form to be completed: https://forms.office.com/r/rm9UNw6Fm8 (Note: Students are not able to access this form.)
    3. Step 3: Immediately after meeting with ULtra, a student must complete and submit the petition form: https://forms.metro-college.com/petition

Additional Helpful Information when Enrolling in Classes:

  • Visit your school's advising office to receive guidance on your class selection.
    1. Jefferson Community and Technical College Advising
    2. University of Louisville Advising
  • New MC students should limit first semester enrollment to 10 credit hours or less.
  • New MC students should advocate for late afternoon and/or evening classes that will compliment a night shift work schedule.
  • If you have already registered, contact your academic advisor to adjust your schedule ASAP.
  • Since you will be working year-round, plan on taking classes during the summer semester. Talk to your academic advisor about incorporating summer classes into your academic plan.
  • Once you have demonstrated success working at nights and completing 10 credit hours, you may increase your course load to full-time.

Note: To make the adjustment to night shift and college work easier, students who sign their first MC agreement and adhere to part-time enrollment recommendations of enrolling in 10 credit hours or less as of your institution’s 100% drop/add date (i.e the date in which the institution allows students to drop classes with no financial responsibility), will be eligible for payment for courses and book reimbursement completed with a D grade during the first agreement semester only. Semester bonuses are excluded from this policy.

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Submit and complete all steps of the FAFSA at studentaid.gov using code 001999 for UofL or 006961 for JCTC.
    • This application is free to complete. If you are asked to pay a fee, check the web address. 
    • Student and parent tax information will be needed if you are under 24 years of age.
  • Because MC participation requires a complete FAFSA every academic year, eligibility is limited to United States citizens and eligible non-citizens as defined by the Federal Student Aid Office at studentaid.gov.
  • While MC allows first-time students to provide the FAFSA confirmation page in order to access MC benefits for their first semester in the program, a completed and reviewed Financial Aid file with the school attending (UofL or JCTC) is REQUIRED for continuation of MC benefits. Learn more about the MC FAFSA requirement or complete the Interactive MC Financial Aid Worksheet to learn how financial aid affects your tuition benefits with Metropolitan College.

Step 2: Start working at UPS and complete Employment Verification

With your GEMS ID number Complete Employment Verification to verify you are working in a MC eligible work area at UPS to obtain MC benefits.

After you have your:

  1. GEMS ID and worked through your first night at UPS
  2. registered for classes at JCTC or UofL, AND
  3. filed your FAFSA at least 5 days prior

Submit the Employment Verification form online. 

  • UPS will verify your employment within 5 business days after submitting this form. 
  • Once UPS verifies your employment eligibility for MC benefits, instructions for logging into the MyMC portal will be sent within 5-7 business days to the personal email you provided on the Employment Verification form.

NOTE:  You will need to know your UPS Employee ID number, Student ID number, and Student Email address to complete the Employment Verification form.

The Student Transition Program (STP) modules

New MC students ONLY, must complete the STP, 

The online MC orientation, called the Student Transition Program (STP),which is a series of online modules that provide program information and campus resources, is accessible at metro-college.com

  1. Select MyMC at the top of the page 
  2. Log into the portal with your UPS employee (GEMS) ID and Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)  NOTE: Access to the MyMC Page is granted after employment verification is complete.
  3. Select “STP” under the CAPP Requirements section.
  4. You will need to complete each online module and follow directions closely, to complete all requirements.

Important Metropolitan College Dates

Sign your first MC Student Agreement!

  • Upon completion of the STP, you will be prompted to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to sign your first MC agreement. It is important that you schedule the required appointment as soon as possible.
  • MC participants sign separate MC agreements each semester they enroll in courses (fall, spring, summer). Your designated MC Student Success Counselor will provide reminders, guidance, and support throughout your participation in Metropolitan College.

A photo ID (i.e. student, UPS, or government issued) is required to discuss specific student account information, including financial aid, tuition balance, enrollment status, etc., in all Metro College Offices and via an MS Teams appointment. General information may be provided if an ID is not presented.

Office Locations and Hours

Additional Helpful Information Regarding Your Student Tuition Account and When Payment is Due Depending on When You Sign Your MC Student Agreement:

When you register for classes, you are responsible for the tuition bill at JCTC or UofL. It is important that you know the tuition deadline when you register for classes.

As a prospective MC student, your options for tuition payment are as follows:

If your first day of employment is BEFORE the tuition deadline and you have completed all checklist items you should sign a MC agreement and pay fees* and/or uncovered tuition costs** on or before the payment deadline.

If your first day of employment is AFTER the tuition deadline you must pay your tuition by your school’s tuition deadline and then sign your agreement by the MC Student Agreement semester deadlines (October 15 for fall, March 15 for spring, August 1 for summer) to be eligible for reimbursement. 

You typically have two payment options:

  • Pay your tuition, fees, and uncovered tuition costs in full.
  • Contact your institution to determine if you are eligible to enter into a payment plan.

*Fees not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: housing, student recreation fee, meal plan, health fee, course fees, lab fees, parking fees, JCTC distance education fees, etc.

**Tuition costs not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: undergraduate tuition charged at a rate higher than the in-state per credit hour rate, tuition that exceeds the full-time undergraduate in-state tuition rate, Winter Term courses at UofL and JCTC, etc.

Don't miss a deadline! Review this chart for helpful MC dates and deadlines.

Important Dates by Semester Fall Spring Summer
Apply at UPSJobsKy.com: Don’t miss an opportunity to get hired! UPS hiring needs vary and open positions near the start of a semester are not guaranteed. Applications are processed as received. Applying early will also provide time for you to adjust to the nightshift before your first semester as a MC student. Review the dates below, then
apply as soon as your schedule allows.
Agreement Signing Deadline for Guaranteed Tuition Deferment: MC participants who sign their first agreement by their institution’s payment due date are guaranteed to have tuition deferment and are not expected to pay MC eligible charges by the payment due date. Participants are expected to pay (or set up a payment plan for) fees and all charges that are not MC eligible.



See UofL and JCTC Bursar Office websites.
UPS Employment Deadline: Before signing their first agreement, prospective MC participants must have a UPS employee (GEMS) ID number and be actively working in a position eligible for MC benefits by the date indicated. Sept. 15 Feb. 28  July 1
Agreement Signing Deadline: Participants who sign their first agreement after the tuition deferment date (see above) and by this date are expected to pay (or set up a payment plan for) all charges by their institution’s payment due date and will be eligible for reimbursement of MC-eligible charges upon payment of benefits by UPS to their institution (see below). Oct. 15

Mar. 15

Aug. 1
Work Commitment – Tuition and Fee Payment Benefits: Active employment must be maintained through date indicated for benefit eligibility. Dec. 31 May 31 Sept. 30

Work Commitment – Academic Bonuses: Active employment must be maintained through date indicated for bonus eligibility. Dec. 31 June 30 Sept. 30
Payment of Benefits: Tuition and fee-payment assistance benefits will be paid directly to the institution approximately 4-6 weeks after the work commitment is fulfilled, qualifying grades are earned, and all terms of the agreement are met. Overpayments to the institution will result in residuals or refunds to the student. Visit metro-college.com/benefits for details. Feb.-Mar. Aug.-Sept. Nov.-Dec.
Payment of Bonuses: Academic bonuses will be paid on the participant’s UPS paycheck approximately 4-6 weeks after the work commitment is fulfilled, qualifying grades are earned, and all terms of the agreement are met. Visit metro-college.com/benefits/academic-bonuses for details. Feb.- Mar.

Aug. - Sept.


Throughout the MC Process

Step 3: Complete the online MC orientation and sign your first MC agreement

Contact Us!

Contact MC: M-TH 9AM - 5PM

Contact UPS Support Staff: M-F 9AM - 5PM

Audra Butler - UofL UPS Recruiter | abutler@ups.com | 502-595-8396

Casandra Hernandez - JCTC UPS Recruiter | cassandrahernandez@ups.com | 502-398-1274

Sara Heun - UPS Support Staff and HR Specialist | saraheun@ups.com | 502-416-3868