Onboarding Checklist for Prospective MC Participants Working at UPS

This checklist is for current UPS employees who are interested in attending UofL or JCTC and participating in Metropolitan College.

Choose this checklist if...

  • You are currently working for UPS and are interested in becoming a Metro College participant
  • You are not participating in UPS's School-to-Work program

These are the steps you need to complete to become a Metropolitan College participant. If you have any questions, please contact us.

MC is available to eligible, active, part-time UPS employees in Next Day Air hub, ramp, and freight at Louisville Air District (2265) with shifts that start between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

Here's a two-page, printer-friendly version: MC Checklist. Review and print our Metropolitan College Program Overview to learn more about the program.

Want to attend College and graduate debt free?

Current UPS employees can connect with a MC Student Success Counselor for additional guidance below: 

Students with Last NamesStudent Success CounselorStudent Success Counselor e-mail (UofL and JCTC) 
A-BShelly Gillesshelly.gilles@louisville.edu/shelly.gilles@kctcs.edu
C-DTiffani Thorntontiffani.thornton@louisville.edu/tiffani.thornton@kctcs.edu
E-GGeorge Scott IIIgeorge.scott.1@louisville.edu/george.scott@kctcs.edu
H-JBailee Raberbailee.raber@louisville.edu/braber0002@kctcs.edu
K-McSarah Schladandsarah.priddy.1@louisville.edu/sarah.schladand@kctcs.edu
Md-PAllison Colvinallison.colvin@louisville.edu/acolvin0016@kctcs.edu
Q-SKimberly Pattersonkimberly.patterson@louisville.edu/kpatterson0024@kctcs.edu
T-ZPatrick McKinneypatrick.mckinney@louisville.edu/pmckinney0024@kctcs.edu

Connect with Metropolitan College and learn more about our program through an email, phone call, office visit, JCTC or UofL Orientation, and/or attend an online information session!

Step 1: Get enrolled at UofL or JCTC and complete the FAFSA

Enrollment in at least one course at JCTC or UofL is required to sign a Metropolitan College agreement.


Apply at jefferson.kctcs.edu/admissions, then visit jefferson.kctcs.edu/enrollment-checklist.aspx.


Apply at louisville.edu/admissions, then visit louisville.edu/newcards

Use the link above to request confirmation that you meet the MC UofL Academic Eligibility Requirement with any one of the following:

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.3 or higher (GED 660).
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher (GED 600) and a 21 ACT/1060 SAT composite or Superscore.
  • 60 transferable college credit hours or an associate degree.

Students who do not meet one of the admission criteria listed above have several options to receive Metro College benefits at the University of Louisville:

  1. Participate in Metropolitan College at Jefferson Community and Technical College and participate in the University of Louisville Transfer Program, ULtra. Once you earn 60 transferable college credit hours or have earned an associate degree, you may receive MC benefits at the University of Louisville. Students are strongly encouraged to consider this option and to utilize the services of ULtra. ULtra counselors will advise students of JCTC courses that support their transfer to UofL.
  2. Utilize UPS Earn and Learn benefits (while working in a MC eligible work shift) during your first semester at UofL. If you obtain a 2.7 or higher UofL GPA during this first term in the Earn and Learn program, you can submit an MC petition for admission to the Metropolitan College program the following semester.
  3. Submit a MC petition requesting an exception to the MC UofL admission policy. An exception to the UofL MC admission policy will be considered when extenuating circumstances prevented adherence to the MC UofL admission criteria. When available, relevant documentation should be submitted with the petition. Submission of a MC petition does not guarantee approval. If you have completed any coursework at JCTC, and you do not meet MC UofL requirements, you must meet with ULtra Transfer Services to complete the following steps to submit a petition:
    1. Step 1: Schedule a meeting (in-person or virtual) with ULtra Transfer Services to determine when you should transfer to UofL as an MC student.
      1. Log on to the scheduling page: Contact & Office Hours — Office of Adult & Transfer Services (louisville.edu). Plan in advance as it may be 24 hours or more before an appointment is available
      2. Scroll down and select "Book Now" under a staff member.
      3. In the form, under "What would you like to talk about during the meeting?" write "Support to file and MC petition for UofL".
    2. Step 2: Meet with the ULtra staff member and request this form to be completed: https://forms.office.com/r/rm9UNw6Fm8 (Note: Students are not able to access this form.)
    3. Step 3: Immediately after meeting with ULtra, a student must complete and submit the petition form: https://forms.metro-college.com/petition
Additional Helpful Information when Enrolling in Classes:
  • New MC students should limit first semester enrollment to 10 credit hours or less.
  • New MC students should advocate for late afternoon and/or evening classes that will compliment a night shift work schedule.
  • If you have already registered, contact your academic advisor to adjust your schedule ASAP.
  • Since you will be working year-round, plan on taking classes during the summer semester. Talk to your academic advisor about incorporating summer classes into your academic plan.
  • Once you have demonstrated success working at nights and completing 10 credit hours, you may increase your course load to full-time.

Note: To make the adjustment to night shift and college work easier, students who sign their first MC agreement and adhere to part-time enrollment recommendations of enrolling in 10 credit hours or less as of your institution’s 100% drop/add date (i.e the date in which the institution allows students to drop classes with no financial responsibility), will be eligible for payment for courses and book reimbursement completed with a D grade during the first agreement semester only. Semester bonuses are excluded from this policy.

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Submit and complete all steps of the FAFSA at studentaid.gov using code 001999 for UofL or 006961 for JCTC.

Because MC participation requires a complete FAFSA every academic year, eligibility is limited to United States citizens and eligible noncitizens as defined by the Federal Student Aid Office.

Step 2: Complete Employment Verification

Verify your UPS employment

Submit the Employment Verification form at verify.metro-college.com using your UPS employee (GEMS) ID number.

Once UPS verifies your employment eligibility for MC benefits, instructions for logging into the MyMC portal will be sent within 5-7 business days to the personal email you provided on the Employment Verification form.

Step 3: Complete the online MC orientation and sign your first MC Agreement!

The Student Transition Program (STP) modules

Complete the online MC orientation.

The online MC orientation, called the Student Transition Program (STP), is accessible at metro-college.com. Select MyMC at the top of the page, then log into the portal with your UPS employee (GEMS) ID.

Schedule the first available appointment to sign your MC agreement!

Upon completion of the STP, you will be prompted to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to sign your first MC agreement. It is important that you schedule the required appointment as soon as possible.

You can contact your assigned MC Student Success Counselor hereStudent Success Counselors are assigned alphabetically by last name. 

Important Metropolitan College Dates

Review the deadlines below, then apply as soon as your schedule allows.

Important Dates by Semester

Fall          Summer       Spring

Agreement Deadline for GUARANTEED TUITION DEFERMENT: New and returning MC participants who sign an agreement by their institution’s payment due date are guaranteed to have tuition deferment and are not expected to pay MC-eligible charges by the payment due date. Participants are expected to pay (or set up a payment plan for) fees and all charges that are not MC eligible.

See UofL and JCTC Bursar Office websites for institution’s payment due dates by semester

UPS Employment Deadline: Before signing their first agreement, prospective MC participants must have a UPS employee (GEMS) ID number and be actively working in a position eligible for MC benefits by the date indicated.

Sept. 15

Feb. 28

July 1

Agreement Deadline for TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: Participants who sign an agreement after the tuition deferment date (see above) and by this date are expected to pay (or set up a payment plan for) all charges by their institution’s payment due date and will be eligible for reimbursement of MC-eligible charges upon payment of benefits by UPS to their institution (see below).

Oct. 15

March 15

Aug. 1

Work Commitment – Tuition and Fee-Payment Assistance Benefits: Active employment must be maintained through date indicated for benefit eligibility.

Dec. 31

May 31

Sept. 30

Work Commitment – Academic Bonuses: Active employment must be maintained through date indicated for bonus eligibility.

Dec. 31

June 30

Sept. 30

Payment of Benefits: Tuition and fee-payment assistance benefits will be paid directly to the institution approximately 6 weeks after the work commitment is fulfilled, qualifying grades are earned, and all agreement terms are met. Overpayments to the institution will result in residuals or refunds to the student.

Feb. - March

Aug. - Sept.

Nov. - Dec.

Payment of Academic Bonuses: Academic bonuses will be paid on the participant’s UPS paycheck approximately 6 weeks after the work commitment is fulfilled, qualifying grades are earned, and all agreement terms are met.

Feb. - March

Aug. - Sept.