Current Metropolitan College Participants

Current Metropolitan College students attending UofL or JCTC who have signed a Metropolitan College agreement within the past 12 months.

Choose this checklist if...

  • You’ve signed a Metropolitan College student agreement in the last 12 months.
  • You need to sign a new agreement for the coming semester(s).
  • You're not changing school

The Metropolitan College (MC) benefit applies only to part-time UPS employees who are actively working as Next Day Air, part-time hub, ramp, and freight employees in the Louisville Air District (2265) and whose shifts start between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. Here's a two-page, printer-friendly version: MC Continuing Student Checklist.

Items to Complete Throughout the Semester

Stay informed about your current benefits and items to complete for each semester.

Stay informed about your MC benefits by checking your My MC page regularly to review your benefits status, message alerts, to-do items, etc.

Each student is assigned an MC Counselor to assist students with their benefits every semester.

Have questions about MC, school, or UPS? Your designated Student Success Counselor is here to help! Just log onto your My MC page and send a message.

Stay informed about your school happenings and your coursework.

Not only will you receive information from your instructors, MC will send you messages pertaining to your benefits. Checking for updates on a weekly basis will ensure you stay ahead!

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Check ULink or Student Self Service account for any to-do list or pending items to complete your financial aid (ex: verification, admissions holds, etc.).

Submit the upcoming FAFSA at opening October 1st every academic year. Include school codes:

  • JCTC - 006961
  • UofL - 001999

This is REQUIRED to be completed at your institution before you sign your MC agreement for the upcoming semester.

Be sure to take advantage of all your MC benefits, including growing your wealth with High 5.

All MC students have access to this unique program through Commonwealth Credit Union (CCU) to help build wealth and lay the foundation for a future of financial security and success. A Wealth Ambassador can connect you to financial resources, assist in updating your budget, identify products to support financial goals, and help remove financial barriers that may block registration.

Schedule a meeting with a Wealth Ambassador through your My MC page to learn more about the benefits of High 5 or apply online to open a High 5 account at

Note: If you owe a past due balance to JCTC or UofL, contact your assigned Student Success Counselor through your My MC page for High 5 MC Gap Loan information.

MC will notify you when the next CAPP requirement needs to be completed: Resume (30 credit hours), Experiential Learning (60 credit hours), Mock Interview (90 credit hours)

View your My MC page for any outstanding CAPP requirements you need to complete to sign your semester student agreement.

Schedule your CAPP requirement appointments by clicking the appropriate numbered box under “CAPP Requirements”.

Complete your CAPP requirement for the following semester agreement timeframes:

  • Summer: February - April
  • Fall: February – June
  • Spring: September – November

Regardless of your CAPP requirements, please register for classes as soon as possible. Do not wait to complete CAPP before you register. If you have any questions regarding CAPP requirement completion, contact your Student Success Counselor on your My MC page.

If possible, enroll early and schedule classes that best fit a third shift schedule.


  • Meet with an advisor one month before the start of registration JCTC: Advising Link.
  • Participate in JCTC MC Priority Registration by registering for courses within the first month of registration. JCTC: Registration Link.


  • Meet with an advisor one month before UofL Priority Registration for MC students UofL: Advising Link.
  • Register for upcoming semester courses on the first day of UofL Priority Registration. UofL: Registration Link.

You will receive notification from MC when your agreement is ready to sign online.

After you register for classes each semester, check your My MC page to sign your student agreement virtually. You must have a signed student agreement for each semester you intend to receive MC benefits.

If you are having difficulties accessing your agreement, from your My MC page reach out to your Student Success Counselor or schedule an office visit to discuss.

Always be aware of when your school’s tuition deadline is each semester.

Now that you have signed your agreement, you will need to pay fees and any uncovered tuition costs by your school’s tuition payment deadline.

*Fees not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: housing, student recreation fee, meal plan, health fee, course fees, lab fees, parking fees, JCTC distance education fees, etc.

**Tuition costs not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: undergraduate tuition charged at a rate higher than the in-state per credit hour rate, tuition that exceeds the full-time undergraduate in-state tuition rate, Winter Term courses at UofL, etc.

Review your financial account through your school’s student portal (JCTC – Student Self Service, UofL – Ulink) or reach out to your Student Success Counselor with any account questions.

We know life happens and it is best to prepare!

At the end of each semester, check your grades to determine if you earned eligible grades for the MC program.

If you have an ineligible grade, you may owe a balance to the school you are attending which may prevent registration.

If you have a financial barrier and are not able to pay the balance, contact your Student Success Counselor through your My MC page to review your options and resources.

Need Assistance?

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Contact your Student Success Counselor (SDC) by visiting your My MC page

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