Academic Bonuses

As a Metropolitan College participant you can earn two different types of bonuses.

Semester Completion Bonus

You can earn a bonus each fall and spring semester if you successfully complete 6 or more credit hours.


Students who successfully complete 6 or more credit hours (grades of A, B, C, P or S, including coursework below 100 level) in a fall or spring semester and remain employed for the duration of the semester Student Agreement period will receive a semester completion bonus. Semester completion bonuses are not awarded for summer sessions although courses taken during summer sessions may be counted toward the cumulative number of credit hours completed for graduation bonuses. There are two types of semester completion bonuses available:

  • Successful completion of 6 or more hours with no withdrawals, incompletes, failures or grades of D - $850.00 (approximately $500.00 after tax withholding)
  • Successful completion of 6 or more hours with withdrawals, incompletes, failures or grades of D - $575.00 (approximately $343.00 after tax withholding)

The maximum number of semester completion bonuses will be limited to 10. Fall semester does not include Winter term hours. MC benefits do not cover Winter term.

Graduation Bonus

You can earn a bonus if you earn an associate degree or diploma, and when you earn a bachelor’s degree


Metropolitan College also gives a bonus to students who graduate with an undergraduate diploma or degree. In order to qualify for the graduation bonus, students must be actively employed at UPS for at least six consecutive Metropolitan College Student Agreement periods, and complete a diploma, associate degree, or baccalaureate degree. In addition, students must have a signed MC agreement on file during the semester in which the degree is conferred. Graduation bonuses will not be awarded for the completion of any degree beyond the baccalaureate level.

  • Completion of an associate degree or diploma - $675.00 (approximately $403.00 after tax withholding)
  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree with associate degree - $1,675.00 (approximately $1,000.00 after tax withholding)
  • Completion of a baccalaureate without associate degree - $2,350.00 (approximately $1404.00 after tax withholding)

Only one associate and one baccalaureate bonus will be awarded. 

Work Commitment Dates

In order to be eligible for the academic bonuses, you must be employed through the work commitment dates listed below:

  • June 30 for Spring
  • September 30 for Summer
  • December 31 for Fall

D Grade Policy and Bonus Eligibility

Students who sign their first MC agreement and adhere to part-time enrollment recommendations of enrolling in 10 credit hours or less as of your institution’s 100% drop/add date (i.e the date in which the institution allows students to drop classes with no financial responsibility), will be eligible for payment for courses and book reimbursement completed with a D grade during the first agreement semester only. Semester bonuses are excluded from this policy.

Payment Process

Academic bonuses are paid directly to the MC participant by UPS as a direct deposit on a paycheck. MC participants who earned the academic bonus but are no longer on an active status at the time that the bonus is paid will receive a check in the mail to the address they have listed on their UPSers account. Eligible students should expect to receive their bonuses during the approximate time frames:

  •  Fall Bonus Payment: After March 1
  •  Spring Bonus Payment: After August 15th
  •  Summer Bonus Payment: After November 15th

More Information

If you have questions regarding the Metropolitan College Bonus program, please contact Sara Heun at 502-416-3868 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Metropolitan College and UPS reserve the right to change terms, conditions and benefits provided under the Metropolitan College Program.