Career Development

​Developing a responsive and educated workforce for the region and state has always been a key component of the Metropolitan College model.

Metropolitan College continues to partner with Jefferson Community and Technical College through the CREW Career Center. CREW (Connecting Resources, Education and Workforce) provides comprehensive career development services for all Metropolitan College and Jefferson Community and Technical College students and alumni. MC Student Success Counselors, through individual counseling as well as on-line resources, provide a variety of services to assist students in clearly articulating academic and career goals as well as in developing customized action plans to strengthen skills and obtain related experience.

Career and Academic Program Plan (CAPP)

All MC students are required to participate in the Career and Academic Program Plan (CAPP). CAPP assists current MC students by:

  1. Educating students about MC policies and procedures and creating an awareness about information and resources available to achieve their academic and career goals.
  2. Creating a monthly and semester budget to assist in being financially successful while in the program and post-graduation.
  3. Providing support and resources to clarify career goals, understand the current job market, and participate in experiential learning.
  4. Providing guidance and resources to assist MC students with articulating how their UPS experience, education, and skills and experiences can fulfill future employer needs.
  5. Assessing their program satisfaction and gathering post-graduation plans to assist with program improvement and on-going program success.

CAPP Requirements

The following CAPP steps must be completed prior to signing an MC agreement each semester once you meet the associated milestone:

  • New MC Students: Student Transition Program
  • Before 2nd Agreement: High Five Budgeting
  • 30 Credit Hours: Resume
  • 60 Credit Hours: Experiential Learning Module
  • 90 Credit Hours: Mock Interview

MC Graduates

All MC students are enrolled in the CREW Job Board Mailing List and will begin to receive communications prior to graduation. These communications provide valuable resources about job opportunities, career related events, volunteer and experiential learning opportunities, and information on continuing education.

MC Alumni

Metropolitan College continues to assist our MC alumni by offering free career services through the CREW Career Center. Visit the CREW Career Center website for additional information.

MC CareerGuide Online Mentorship Program

The Metropolitan College CareerGuide Online Mentorship Program supports the professional development of MC students who are preparing to enter the workforce. This unique and online mentorship program is meant to be a one-time exchange between the students and mentors so there is no lengthy time commitment involved.

Students are connected with professionals who will serve as their "CareerGuides" and provide valuable “one-time” feedback through an email-based platform utilizing a guided mentorship engagement form on career documents, such as the resume, online career portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

One-time mentorship engagements provide a flexible way of volunteering in an impactful for CareerGuides and students benefit from receiving growth and development feedback on their career documents from experienced industry professionals.

Volunteers Needed: Become a CareerGuide Mentor - Learn More and Sign Up

Students can contact a MC Student Success Counselor to request a CareerGuide Mentor or go to MC Portfolio via the MyMC page to learn more.