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Paid Tuition

Getting your tuition paid is just one of the many benefits of being a Metropolitan College participant.


If you work the night shift at UPS Worldport, you can get your tuition paid at JCTC and UofL.


The Metropolitan College(MC)/UPS tuition benefit is limited to the regular per credit hour undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) or the University of Louisville (UofL), Students who sign their semester agreement before their tuition bill is due will have their tuition deferred by the school. Tuition will be reimbursed contingent upon meeting the MC/UPS program requirements explained below. Also, before the tuition due date the student is responsible for paying the fees assessed by the institution including but not limited to lab fees, distance learning charges beyond regular undergraduate tuition, parking fees, meal plans, housing, student health fees, parking fees, etc.

Tuition Rate and Grade Requirements

We don't place a limit on the number of credit hours you can take, but you must pass with a "C" or better, and we do cap the maximum tuition benefit at the current, full-time tuition rate at UofL.


MC participants are permitted to enroll in up to the maximum number of credits allowed by their academic institution (JCTC or UofL) in the fall, spring and summer terms (*Please Note: Winter Term courses at UofL are not covered by MC.). Students should meet with an academic adviser at their school to determine the appropriate number of credits for their individual academic plan. The tuition benefit will be limited to the regular per credit hour undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate applicable for the institution in which the student is enrolled (including the JCTC security fee). The commitment for the tuition benefit for students at either institution, or for those who are dual enrolled at JCTC and UofL, may not exceed the equivalent of full-time regular undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate at UofL (including the JCTC security fee). Tuition and fees in excess of the full-time regular Kentucky resident undergraduate tuition rate will be the student’s responsibility. Students must fulfill the work commitment stated on the student agreement and pass each class with a “C” or better in order to qualify.

Educational Institution Processes

You must be admitted to JCTC or UofL, register for classes, file the FAFSA and complete your school’s financial aid processes to be eligible. NOTE: UofL students must meet specific MC requirements.


Students participating in MC must go through the admission, assessment, orientation, advising, and registration process at JCTC and UofL like all other students.

NOTE: To participate in the MC program at UofL, students must have both a 3.0 high school gpa and 21 ACT composite score OR 60 transferable college credit hours.

Upon completion of registration and the completion of the FAFSA and financial aid processes required by JCTC and UofL, you will need to sign a MC Student Agreement. If you do this prior to the college’s payment due date, you will not have to pay your tuition up front. If you register and do not sign a Student Agreement by that time, you will have to pay your tuition or risk having your classes canceled for non-payment.

Agreements can be signed in the MC offices at the following locations:

Downtown Campus of JCTC
200 West Broadway, 9th floor (across from McDonald’s)

Southwest Campus of JCTC
The Student Center

LL03 of the Houchens Building (lower level)

Office Hours and Directions

Out-of-State Residents (non-Kentucky)

If you live outside of Kentucky, you may still receive tuition benefits.


The MC undergraduate tuition benefit is limited to the regular Kentucky resident undergraduate tuition rate per credit hour at the institution for which they are enrolled for non-resident participants. Students are responsible to pay the amount greater than regular Kentucky resident tuition rate.

Jefferson Community and Technical College

Indiana students living in counties with existing reciprocity agreements with JCTC are charged regular Kentucky resident tuition rates. Those Indiana counties are Harrison, Scott, Clark, Floyd, Crawford and Washington. Indiana students living in contiguous counties (Ohio, Dearborn, Jefferson, Switzerland, Perry, Posey, Spencer and Warrick) will be charged at a different tuition rate. All other non-Kentucky residents will be charged out of state tuition rates. For more detailed information, please visit the JCTC Cashier’s page.

University of Louisville

UofL participates in an Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Program for residents of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington Counties who have been admitted directly into an approved program. Graduate students, including those pursuing degrees from the Professional Schools (Law, Medical & Dental), are not eligible. Eligible participants are required to notify the Admissions Office prior to their first enrollment and the Registrar’s Office after their first enrollment of any changes in the enrollment status, if they no longer live in one of the eligible counties, or are no longer in an eligible program. The University reserves the right to further investigate and require documentation of eligibility for tuition reciprocity. For more information, visit the Admission’s residency information web page and the UofL Bursar’s Office.

How Tuition is Paid Each Semester

If you sign your agreement before your school’s payment deadline, your tuition will be deferred. Half is paid by UPS and the other half is paid by federal/state grants or the MC program.


Each semester, MC students must sign a MC Student Agreement prior to the institution’s published tuition payment deadline in order to avoid paying out of pocket for tuition. The bursar's or cashier's office at each institution is notified of a student’s status as a MC/UPS participant at the beginning of the semester.

Please note any federal and/or state grants, loans, scholarships or any other financial aid in an amount equal to tuition and other charges owed for the semester will be held in the student’s school account until the agreement period ends and MC/UPS have processed tuition payments to the schools. Before payments are processed, federal and/or state grants (up to 50% of tuition) will be deducted from the tuition benefit offered by MC/UPS. If the student receives any federal and/or state grants (that exceed 50% of their semester charges), loans, scholarships or other financial awards, the school will refund those excess monies to the student after payment has been received from MC/UPS and all other financial obligations have been met by the student.

50% tuition (paid by UPS)
+ 50% tuition (paid by grant money or MC/UPS)
= 100% tuition (paid at Kentucky resident undergraduate rate)

Payment Process

If you don’t sign your agreement before the payment deadline, you’ll have to pay your tuition and fees up front, or enter a payment plan with your school. Then, as long as you meet program requirements, you’ll be reimbursed after the semester ends.


  • MC students who are able to sign a MC agreement and pay fees* and/or uncovered tuition costs** on or before the payment deadline:
    • New and returning eligible MC participants should sign a MC agreement and pay for fees and uncovered tuition costs on or before their school's payment deadline each semester.
    • MC students are strongly encouraged to sign an agreement to defer tuition as soon as they register for classes.
    • If you are uncertain as to whether or not you are eligible to sign an agreement, please feel free to visit the MC offices to determine eligibility.
    MC students who are NOT eligible to sign a MC agreement by the payment deadline and/or are unable to pay for fees* and/or uncovered tuition costs** by the payment deadline have two options:
  • Option A: Pay your tuition, fees, and uncovered tuition costs in full, by the tuition due deadline OR
  • Option B: Enter into a payment plan with your school by the tuition due deadline
    • UofL students who are interested in completing a payment plan should refer to the appropriate semester and time frame on the Bursar website to determine the appropriate form to be completed.
    • JCTC students who are interested in completing a payment plan, please note that the payment agreement and down payment (if required) must be completed and submitted on-line through the student self service prior to payment deadline.


*Fees not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: housing, student recreation fee, meal plan, health fee, course fees, lab fees, parking fees, etc.

**Tuition costs not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: All or a part of on-line course tuition, undergraduate tuition which is charged at a rate higher than the in-state per credit hour course fee, Winter Term courses at UofL, etc.

Financial Aid

You must file the FAFSA each year and complete all of your school’s financial aid processes. If you are not eligible to file the FAFSA due to your citizenship status, you may participate in the UPS Earn & Learn program.


MC is a government-sponsored organization, and as such its mission and responsibility is to utilize funding in a responsible manner. In order to subsidize costs and sustain the program, all MC students must complete a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all additional procedures required by the Financial Aid office at their school resulting in an “official” FAFSA status prior to signing an agreement. Participants must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens to file and complete a FAFSA.

Individuals with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status are not considered U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and are not eligible for financial aid. Students with DACA status may still be able to work at UPS and receive tuition assistance through Earn and Learn, which currently provides up to $5,250 per year in tuition benefits.

The UPS Earn and Learn tuition program is more financially beneficial for students who choose to start at JCTC where current Kentucky resident tuition and fees for 12 credit hours is significantly less expensive than UofL tuition. Review the JCTC and UofL tuition rates for more information. JCTC students are encouraged to register with ULtra (UofL Transfer office on the JCTC campus) to begin planning for eventual transfer to UofL. Students whose status changes from DACA to U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen may then meet eligibility requirements to participate in MC.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be actively employed at UPS by the established semester hire-by-date, work through established semester employment commitment dates, and earn eligible grades to receive the tuition benefit.


To receive the tuition benefit you must meet program/school admission and employment requirements and fulfill the terms of the Student Agreement.  If you are not an active employee by the established semester hire-by-dates listed below and if you do not work through the established semester employment commitment dates listed on your MC Student Agreement, be advised that you will be financially responsible for the tuition incurred for the semester in question.  In order to be eligible for the tuition benefit, you must be actively employed by the semester hire-by-dates and work through the semester employment commitment dates listed below*:


  • February 15 for Spring
  • July 1 for Summer
  • September 15 for Fall

Employment Commitment Dates:

  • May 31 for Spring
  • September 30 for Summer
  • December 31 for Fall

You must also pass coursework with an eligible grade to receive the tuition benefit (A, B, C, P, S). You will assume financial responsibility for course work in which you receive a D, Withdrawal, Audit, Incomplete, No Grade, MP or Failing Grade.

*There are separate work commitment dates for the Academic Bonuses.

Metropolitan College and UPS reserve the right to change terms, conditions and benefits provided under the Metropolitan College Program at any time.