High 5 Program Presented by Commonwealth Credit Union (CCU) in Partnership with Metro College

The High 5 Program is a free program designed to help MC students create a budget, save money, make sound financial decisions, and build their wealth.


What is the High 5 Program?

High 5 is a FREE program designed for all Metro College students, to help build wealth and lay the foundation for a future of financial security and success.

High 5 participants will:

  • Set up a working monthly and semester budget.
  • Set short term and long term financial goals.
  • Access education and resources to make informed financial decisions.
  • Access exclusive products to help grow their wealth earned from employment wages, bonuses, fee payment assistance, and financial aid residual funds (if applicable).
  • Develop a plan to address financial emergencies.
  • Understand the purpose of a credit union and the services it provides its members.

High 5 Overview

Review MC Student Direct Deposit Options for Weekly UPS Pay and Enroll in the High 5 Program

  • While not required, all MC students are strongly encouraged to open a High 5 savings and/or checking account with our partner Commonwealth Credit Union (CCU). MC students can deposit all or a portion of their weekly pay, as well as take advantage of special products available to MC students, to grow their wealth and implement effective budgeting skills.
  • Review High 5 and apply online at or visit a local CCU branch to learn more about this opportunity and to meet with a Wealth Ambassador. Additional information is provided in the Student Transition Program (STP). Once you have signed your first MC agreement, follow the steps below to meet with a Wealth Ambassador.

Ways that MC Students can Participate in the High 5 Program

Complete High 5 Budgeting CAPP Requirement (2) Before Signing 2nd Agreement

After a student signs their first MC agreement, they will be directed to complete a monthly and semester budget requirement before signing their second MC agreement. This will be explained in more detail during their first agreement signing appointment.

Schedule a meeting with a Wealth Ambassador at any CCU Louisville location M-F 12-4 or virtually

St. Matthews Branch - 3704 Frankfort, Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

Cane Run Branch - 4415 Cane Run Road, Louisville, KY 40216

Market Street Branch - 900 West Market Street Suite #100, Louisville, KY 40202

For CCU hours click here

Meet with a Wealth Ambassador for a 1 hour session

Commonwealth Credit Union has partnered with Metro College to provide students with a Wealth Ambassador, full time Financial Account Representatives, who will become a resource for students’ financial health and success. Through their journey at Metro College, an ambassador will help students navigate the path to understanding and assisting with their goals and help them achieve a healthy and sustainable relationship with their finances. They are a tool that will help students develop themselves and their future during this educational program. They will be available to meet for one-on-one appointments to discuss topics such as budgeting, saving, financial services and products, short-term goals, long-term goals, and much more.

Open a CCU savings account ($5 deposit to join is paid by CCU!) and learn about other High 5 products

Start saving NOW with a High 5 Savings Account and an MC Checking Plus+ Account!

Plan for the future with an MC Wealth Development Certificate, Rock-A-Ride Savings, and/or 1st Home Savings.

Plan for financial emergencies with an MC GAP Loan (Referral Required)

Please note if you have already opened an account with CCU, this first meeting could be to discuss other products and benefits available to you as an MC participant, as well as other financial topics such as budgeting, savings, planning for the future, etc.

Find out how to stay connected and engaged with the program.

  • Stay in contact with a Wealth Ambassador through in-person meetings, email, and/or phone.
  • Meet with a Wealth Ambassador once a semester to reevaluate a budget and set savings goals.
  • Access the online Financial Empowerment portal for financial success through CCU.

How do I sign-up?

Metro College students can schedule a meeting with a Wealth Ambassador through their My MC Page.

  1. Log on to the My MC Page
  2. Scroll down to “High 5 Appointments”
  3. Click on the “Schedule a High 5 Appointment” button
  4. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a Wealth Ambassador at the branch of your choice or virtually.

To open a High 5 account online, visit

Instructions to open a High 5 account.


For any questions or for more information about the High 5 Program, please contact your MC Student Success Counselor via your My MC page.