March 15 is the deadline to sign your spring agreement. Due to a UofL system outage, if you are a UofL student who has not signed an agreement and resolved financial aid issues by March 7, you may not be able to sign by the deadline. Take steps immediately to get this taken care of!


High Five Program

The High Five Program is designed for Metro College students to help build wealth and lay the foundation for a future of financial security and success.


Each fall and spring semester, students will meet for 1 hour with their Wealth Ambassador.  A Wealth Ambassador will provide students with guidance to build a budget based on their UPS paycheck, help grow the wealth of their MC benefits (i.e. academic bonuses, book reimbursements, etc.), prepare them for financial emergencies, and help students develop savings for long term goals (i.e. car, house, etc.). Participants will complete 30 minutes or less of on-line financial education each semester.  

The products provided to students through this program are as follows:

Savings Account 

MC Check Plus

MC Wealth Development CD

MC Gap Loans

Rock-a-Ride Savings

1st Home Savings Plan

What is a Wealth Ambassador?

Commonwealth Credit Union has partnered with Metro College to provide students with a Wealth Ambassador, full time Financial Account Representatives, who will become a resource for students’ financial health and success.  Through their journey at Metro College, an Ambassador will help students navigate the path to understanding and assisting with their goals and help them achieve a healthy and sustainable relationship with their finances.  They are a tool that will help students develop themselves and their future during this educational program.  They will be available to meet in large group settings and for one-on-one appointments to discuss topics such as budgeting, saving, financial services and products, short-term goals, long-term goals, and much more.  

How do I sign-up?

Metro College students can schedule a meeting with a Wealth Ambassador through their My MC Page. 

  1. Log on to the My MC Page
  2. Scroll down to “Quick Links”
  3. Click on “High Five Program”
  4. Click on “Schedule a Meeting with a Wealth Ambassador”

For more information about the High Five Program, please contact Allison Colvin at 502-213-7352 or