MC JCTC Transfer to MC UofL

Current Metropolitan College students attending JCTC who are interested in transferring to UofL and maintaining MC benefits as a MC UofL participant.

Choose this checklist if...

  • You’ve signed a Metropolitan College student agreement in the last 12 months.
  • You need to sign a new agreement for the coming semester(s).
  • AND you’re transferring from JCTC to UofL.

The Metropolitan College (MC) benefit applies only to part-time UPS employees who are actively working as Next Day Air, part-time hub, ramp, and freight employees in the Louisville Air District (2265) and whose shifts start between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. Here's a two-page, printer-friendly version: JCTC Transfer to UofL MC Checklist

Steps to Complete Before You Apply to UofL

Review the MC eligibility requirements and create an education plan.

To utilize MC benefits at UofL, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Completed 60 transferable college credit hours or have earned an associate degree.
  • Cumulative 3.0 high school GPA or greater (GED 600) AND a 21 ACT/1060 SAT composite or super score.
  • Cumulative 3.3 high school GPA or greater (GED 660), no ACT/SAT test score.

If you are currently enrolled and will have either 60 transferable credit hours or an associate degree at the end of the semester, contact a Student Success Counselor to determine next steps to prevent a possible delay in accessing deferment benefits at UofL.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you may submit an MC petition requesting an exception to the MC UofL admission policy. An exception to the UofL MC admission policy will be considered when extenuating circumstances prevented adherence to the MC UofL admission criteria. When available, relevant documentation should be submitted with the petition. Submission of a MC petition does not guarantee approval. To submit the petition, students should complete these steps:

  1. Step 1: Schedule a meeting (in-person or virtual) with ULtra Transfer Services to determine when you should transfer to UofL as an MC student.
    1. Log on to the scheduling page: Contact & Office Hours — Office of Adult & Transfer Services ( Plan in advance as it may be 24 hours or more before an appointment is available.
    2. Scroll down and select "Book Now" under a staff member.
    3. In the form, under "What would you like to talk about during the meeting?" write "Support to file and MC petition for UofL".
  2. Step 2: Meet with the ULtra staff member and request this form to be completed: (Note: Students are not able to access this form.)
  3. Step 3: Immediately after meeting with ULtra, a student must complete and submit the petition form:

Steps to Complete After You Verify MC UofL Eligibility

ULtra (UofL Transfer) advisors are available all year to meet with JCTC students.

ULtra advisors are available to meet with JCTC students to help with the UofL Transfer application process, determine the best time to apply, and to give information on what to expect after applying.

Visit the ULtra website to review the transfer checklist and to schedule an appointment with an ULtra Advisor.

As a JCTC student, you may qualify for the KCTCS Academic Transfer Scholarship. Contact ULtra for more details.

Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admissions.

Complete the UofL Transfer Application on your own or contact ULtra to help you.

Be prepared to pay the $25 application fee.

You will need an official transcript to transfer to UofL.

To request your JCTC Transcript, watch the How to Order Your Transcript Video or contact the Records Office at

NOTE: Past due balances at JCTC will prevent your transcript being sent to UofL, delaying your transfer process.

Contact your assigned Student Success Counselor through your My MC page, for information on our High 5 MC Gap Loan.

UofL's school code (001999) must be on your FAFSA for the financial aid information to transfer.

Check your current year FAFSA to see if the UofL school code (001999) is included.

  • Go to or the myStudentAid app and log in with your FSA ID.
  • View the Student Aid Report (SAR) and review the school(s) selected.
  • If UofL is not listed, from the My FAFSA page, select “Make FAFSA Corrections”.
  • Navigate to the School Selection page, add the UofL school code (001999), and submit.
  • Before you logout, view the Confirmation Page to ensure the corrections were sent.
  • Corrections to the FAFSA can take 1-3 business days to complete.

If UofL is included, log into your ULink, select Financial Aid, select the current academic year, and view any checklist items that you need to complete.

Until all checklist items and your financial aid file is complete, you will not be able to sign your MC student agreement.

Contact your designated Student Success Counselor on your My MC Page or the UofL Student Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Steps to Complete Once Accepted to UofL

Get advised and register for classes.

Visit UofL's Advising Office to receive guidance on your class selection.

Understand your payment options based on when you enroll for courses and the tuition deadline at UofL.

As an MC Transfer student, your tuition payment options are as follows:

  1. If you plan to transfer BEFORE the semester tuition deadline and all MC checklist items are completed, you must sign an MC student agreement & pay fees* and/or any uncovered tuition costs before the tuition deadline.
  2. If you plan to transfer AFTER the semester tuition deadline, you must pay your tuition bill by the semester tuition deadline and sign an MC agreement by the MC Student Agreement Semester deadline (Spring 3/15, Summer 8/1, Fall 10/15) to be eligible for reimbursement. You typically have two payment options:
  • Pay your tuition, fees, and uncovered costs in full, or
  • Contact your school to determine if you are eligible for a payment plan.

*Fees not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: housing, student recreation fee, meal plan, health fee, course fees, lab fees, parking fees, JCTC distance education fees, etc.

**Tuition costs not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: undergraduate tuition charged at a rate higher than the in-state per credit hour rate, tuition that exceeds the full-time undergraduate in-state tuition rate, Winter Term courses at UofL, etc.

Sign your UofL MC Student Agreement.

Upon completion of the above checklist items visit your My MC Page and click “Schedule an Office Visit” > "Agreement", to sign your MC agreement with a Student Success Counselor.

Throughout the Transfer Process

Contact Us!

Contact your Student Success Counselor | Send Email through your My MC page.

Contact ULtra |

UofL | 502-852-2749

JCTC | 502-213-4520