Parents and Supporters FAQ

Q. As a supporter of a current or prospective Metropolitan College student, I have a lot of questions. Who can I contact to help with these questions?

General program information can be obtained from this website or by contacting our office at 502-213-4520. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, no one, not even a student’s legal guardian, will have access to a student’s education records, nor will their consent be disclosed without the written consent of the student except as provided by the Act.

Q. My student works in the middle of the night and sleeps during the day. Can I call on their behalf to help them with their questions and concerns?

If it is challenging for the student to visit the Metropolitan College office during regular business hours, they can utilize other options to obtain information. Their MyMC page has program information and they can view and print a copy of their student agreement. They can also email or call a Student Success Counselor to have their questions and concerns addressed. Due to FERPA, any information pertaining to their education records can be disclosed without the written consent of the student except as provided by the Act.

Q .My son/daughter wants to participate in Metro College. Why do I have to complete a FAFSA? Can he/she still participate if I don’t have all of this information?

Metropolitan College is a government-sponsored organization, and as such, its mission and responsibility is to utilize funding in a responsible manner. In order to subsidize the costs and sustain the program, all Metropolitan College undergraduate students must complete a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all additional procedures required by the Financial Aid office at the institution resulting in an “official” status prior to signing an agreement. Participants must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens to file and complete a FAFSA. Students should file their FAFSA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after January 1 each academic year to receive tuition benefits from Metropolitan College.

Q .How can I be helpful in supporting a current or prospective Metropolitan College student?

Encourage the student to make contact with the MC office as soon as they have a question. Student Success Counselors work with the students to answer questions and review information pertaining to their specific account. Advise them to research the many campus resources (REACH, Campus Safety Escort Services, Counseling, etc.) that are available to assist with educational success and overall wellness.

Q. What is the Metropolitan College Student Agreement?

The Metropolitan College Student Agreement is commonly known as the “contract”. A Student Agreement must be signed every semester in order for tuition to be paid. Please refer to our Get Started page for agreement dates and information on signing student agreements.

Q. What are some risk factors my students should avoid to ensure academic success while participating in this program?

There are multiple factors that were found to be significant in determining whether or not a student will stop attending college. Some of those include, but are not limited to, student having an undecided or undeclared major, student has withdrawn from at least one course, and responses within the Student Transition Program (STP) indicate time management issues. Students should work with a Student Success Counselor to identify their risk factors and how to address them properly.

Q. What is the difference between Metropolitan College and Earn and Learn?

Metropolitan College and Earn and Learn are both education benefit programs offered by UPS but they differ in nature. Metropolitan College participants must be actively employed on the UPS Next Day Air shift (night shift) part-time in Louisville, KY. Individuals can attend either Jefferson Community and Technical College or the University of Louisville (specific admission criteria apply) and have up to 100% of the undergraduate KY resident tuition rate paid. Students sign an agreement every semester and their tuition is deferred and then paid directly to the school upon successful completion of classes (“C” or better). In addition to the tuition benefit, Metropolitan College students may also be eligible for academic bonuses and fee payments. Students must file and complete the FAFSA each academic year to participate in Metro College.

Earn and Learn has multiple post-secondary institutions students can attend. Earn and Learn participants must be an active employee of the UPS Air and Ground Operation in Louisville, KY. Students receive up to $5250 annually, $25,000 lifetime maximum. The reimbursement is paid directly to the student upon successful completion of classes (“C-” or better). Students are not required to file and complete the FAFSA to participate in Earn and Learn.

Q. What are the meal plan and housing options for Metropolitan College students?

JCTC: There are no meal plans and on campus housing options available at JCTC. If a student is planning to transfer to the University of Louisville, they can become an ULtra student and utilize some of the resources available to UofL students. Please contact ULtra for more details.

University of Louisville: There are several meal plans and housing options available for UofL students. Please refer to the information on UofL’s website about housing and meal plan options.

Q. What are some of the things Metropolitan College students and advocates have frequent questions about and where can I find the information to assist them finding the answers?