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General FAQ

Q. What is Metropolitan College?

Metropolitan College is a workforce development and educational opportunity partnership that includes Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC), the University of Louisville (UofL), Louisville Metro government, State of Kentucky and UPS.

Q. How do students get into Metropolitan College?

A student must be employed by UPS, attend one of the two participating schools (JCTC, UofL), and complete the steps listed on the Get Started Checklist.

Q. Do I have to attend college full-time while participating in Metropolitan College?

Metropolitan College students can attend school part-time or full-time. New students should limit first semester enrollment to the following:

  • JCTC students: 9 credit hours (3 of these 9 hours should include your first year orientation course)
  • UofL students: 9 credit hours or less + 1 credit hour first year orientation course

We encourage you to speak with a Metropolitan College student development counselor to help you determine a schedule that fits best with your work schedule.

Q. Can a student major in any subject?

Students can major in any subject for which they are academically qualified. Visit the University of Louisville and Jefferson Community and Technical College websites for more information.

Q. Where do students sign Student Agreements and how often is this done?

All new MC students are prompted to sign up for an appointment to sign their first MC agreement at the conclusion of the on-line orientation, The Student Transition Program (STP). Returning MC students can sign their agreement on-line through their My MC page or by scheduling an appointment through their My MC page. Student agreements are signed with a Student Development Counselor at any Metropolitan College campus office location. Students must sign a Metropolitan College Student Agreement for each semester that they enroll in classes. By signing the agreement, students are obligated to work at UPS from the agreement start date through the agreement end date for that semester. However, students will not be allowed to sign if they have not completed the Metropolitan College program requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to read through the Student Agreement before signing.

Q. Is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) required and how often must it be completed?

Yes, the FAFSA is required. Metropolitan College is a government sponsored organization, and as such its mission and responsibility is to utilize funding in a responsible manner. In order to subsidize costs and sustain the program, all Metropolitan College undergraduate students must complete a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all additional procedures required by the Financial Aid office at the institution resulting in an “official” status prior to signing an agreement. The application must be completed yearly after January 1. Participants must be considered a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen to file and complete a FAFSA to participate in the Metropolitan College program.

Q. If I live out-of-state, am I eligible for tuition benefits?

Yes, the tuition benefit will however be limited to the regular per credit hour undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate at the institution in which the student is enrolled. Non-resident students will be financially responsible for the difference.

Q. Does Metropolitan College provide housing for students?

No, Metropolitan College does not provide housing for students. While Metropolitan College does not pay for housing, we do offer Metropolitan College Themed housing for MC UofL students. In addition, UPS, through the KY LOOP or the Kentucky Living Options and Opportunities Path, provides students attending Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) an opportunity to receive a housing stipend to pay for living expenses.  To learn more about KY LOOP, visit www.upsjobskycom.

Q. What is the CREW Career Center?

The CREW (Connecting Resources, Education and Workforce) Career Center is a partnership among Metropolitan College and Jefferson Community and Technical College. CREW services assist clients with career exploration, career planning and career placement.

Q. Does Metropolitan College provide tuition benefits for the summer semester?

Yes, Metropolitan College participants will be permitted to enroll up to the maximum number of credits allowed by their academic institution (JCTC or UofL) in the summer terms. Students should meet with an academic adviser at their institution to determine the appropriate number of credits for their individual academic plan. MC students are STRONGLY encouraged to enroll in summer courses to make progress toward their graduation.

Q. What happens if I’m unable to sign my student agreement by the institution’s payment deadline? What happens if I’ve signed an agreement but still owe semester charges?

It is important that you know the tuition deadline when you register for classes.

As a prospective MC student, your options for tuition payment are as follows:

If your first day of employment is BEFORE the tuition deadline and you have completed all checklist items you should sign a MC agreement and pay fees* and/or uncovered tuition costs** on or before the payment deadline.

If your first day of employment is AFTER the tuition deadline you must pay your tuition by your school’s tuition deadline and then sign your agreement by the MC Student Agreement semester deadlines (October 15 for fall, March 15 for spring, August 1 for summer) to be eligible for reimbursement. You typically have two payment options:

  • Pay your tuition, fees, and uncovered tuition costs in full.
  • Contact your institution to determine if you are eligible to enter into a payment plan.

*Fees not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: housing, student recreation fee, meal plan, health fee, course fees, lab fees, Build Smart Fees, etc.

**Tuition costs not covered by Metropolitan College include, but are not limited to: All or a part of UofL on-line course tuition, undergraduate tuition which is charged at a rate higher than the in-state per credit hour course fee, etc.

Q. What grade do I have to earn to qualify for Metropolitan College benefits?

Students must get a grade of “C” or better and remain actively employed through the semester work commitment date to receive tuition benefits.

The work commitment dates for tuition benefits are as follows:

  • December 31st for Fall semester
  • May 31st for Spring semester
  • September 30th for Summer semester

*Students who sign their first MC agreement and adhere to part-time enrollment recommendations of enrolling in 10 credit hours or less, will be eligible for payment for courses completed with a D grade during the first agreement semester only.**

**MC believes that students who enroll part-time (10 credits or less) their first semester in the MC program will be successful in balancing school and third shift work. However, we understand that transition periods can be tough.  So, during the first semester as an MC participant, MC will pay for any course completed with a D and provide you with information and resources to assist you in achieving success the following semester.

Q. What do I need to know about the Academic Completion Bonus Program?

Bonuses are provided for semester completion, academic milestones and upon graduation.

Q. Do students have to work at UPS after they graduate?

Students have no obligation to work at UPS beyond the end of each semester’s work commitment date. Please note there are work commitment dates to qualify for tuition benefits and book reimbursement and there are work commitment dates to qualify for bonuses.

The work commitment dates to receive tuition and book reimbursement are as follows:

  • December 31st for Fall semester
  • May 31st for Spring semester
  • September 30th for Summer semester

The work commitment dates to receive bonuses are as follows:

  • December 31st for Fall semester
  • June 30th for Spring semester
  • September 30th for Summer semester

Q. Does Metropolitan College provide career assistance?

While in the Metropolitan College program, students participate in the Career and Academic Planning Program (CAPP) where they’ll gain skills in developing a customized resume and practice interviewing skills to prepare them for job searching in their desired career field. Metropolitan College alumni are also able to take advantage of these career services.

Q. What kinds of jobs are available at UPS in the Next Day Operation?

Most of the jobs in the Next Day Operation are package handling positions. Hub Administration jobs are also available. Find out more about UPS employment at

Q. Are graduate studies included in this program?

Metropolitan College tuition benefits are limited to undergraduate level coursework at the University of Louisville and Jefferson Community and Technical College. However, students are still eligible to use Earn and Learn for graduate level coursework.

Q. What campus services are available to me as a Metropolitan College student?

As a Metropolitan College participant you are encouraged to utilize the campus resources that are offered at your particular institution. These resources can support your overall academic, social and health and wellness success while in the program.

Q. Can I get reimbursed for books?

Yes, students can complete and print the book reimbursement form via the MyMC page and receive up to $65 per course for required textbooks and software for passed courses (A, B, C, P, S).

Q. Can I take Distance Learning/Web-based classes?

Yes, distance learning/ web-based classes are often a convenience for students working nights at UPS. However, please keep in mind the Metropolitan College tuition benefit is limited to the regular KY resident undergraduate tuition rate per credit hour at the institution a student attends. 

Web-based classes at JCTC are charged the normal rate of tuition and are covered under the Metropolitan College student agreement.  In addition to the normal rate of tuition, JCTC does charge a $20 per credit hour fee for distance learning/web-based classes that is NOT covered by Metropolitan College and would be the responsibility of the student to pay.  

Students are strongly encouraged to speak to a student development counselor prior to enrolling in a distance learning/web-based class so we can discuss what money the student might be responsible for out of pocket.

Q. How do I prepare to sign my student agreement?

Check your MyMC page, including your messages, so that you are aware of any items that need to be completed before signing your agreement (including any CAPP requirements).

Write down any questions about your academic and career goals and complete any follow-up tasks suggested to you by a Student Development Counselor in your last meeting.

Check your ULink (UofL students) or PeopleSoft Self-Service (JCTC students) so that you are aware of any holds on your account or items on your to-do list.

Eligible returning MC students can sign their agreement on-line through their My MC page by the deferment deadline. New MC students will sign up for an appointment at the conclusion of the Student Transition Program (on-line MC orientation).  Returning MC students who sign their agreement after the deferment deadline, should make an appointment through the My MC page or by calling our offices. 

Q. I’ve been at UPS for a while now and I want to be in the Metropolitan College program. What do I need to do?

Take a look at our Get Started Checklist to guide you through the process.

Q. How can I learn about other UPS Educational Programs? 

Visit to learn about UPS Educational Programs. 

Q. Can I participate in both Metropolitan College and the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program at Jefferson Community and Technical College?

Yes, if eligible, you may enroll in both programs. The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship (WRKS) is a last dollar payment on your JCTC customer account. As a result, your Work Ready Scholarship could be drastically reduced or eliminated entirely when used with Metro College benefits.

MC students enrolled in a WRKS qualifying program of study may be eligible to receive up to the academic year maximum amount of $400 to cover mandatory and distance learning fees not covered by MC or any other financial aid. Book, access codes, tools, and/or digital content fees will NOT be covered. In addition, this does not include a student taking pre-requisite coursework and/or listed as “pending” or being AA/AS degree seeking. It is possible that WRKS could be used to pay for MC ineligible grades, depending on eligibility criteria determined by the JCTC Financial Aid Office.  

For more information about WRKS, go to, and for a full explanation of how this scholarship may be used alongside your Metro College benefits, please contact Jade Thomas with the JCTC Financial Aid office at