As a Metropolitan College graduate, this program gives students the unique opportunity to work as a full-time teacher at the Rank III level while completing course work to earn your Kentucky Teacher Certification.

Program Overview

The UofL Alternative Certification Program is designed to provide local school districts with qualified teachers and offer students a flexible, supportive route to initial teacher certification. This program gives you the unique opportunity to work as a full-time teacher at the Rank III level while completing course work to earn your Kentucky Teacher Certification. Although employment is not required for acceptance to the program, you must be employed in a Kentucky-accredited school during the first fall semester in order to continue in the program.

The Alternative Certification program is a two-year, 30-credit hour commitment, which results in your initial teacher certification and a Master of Arts degree. Certification areas are:

  • Elementary
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Earth Space, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Spanish (P-12)
  • French (P-12)

While working third shift as an MC participant, students can earn an undergraduate degree in one of the above disciplines but they do not need to participate in student teaching. Once an MC student is accepted into this graduate program, students will transition from part-time work at UPS to a full-time teaching career. In addition, MC students can leverage the High Five program while they are an undergraduate student to save money to fund this graduate degree path.

In addition to the Alternative Certification Program, UofL offers the following two additional certification programs:

Program Support Highlights

The UofL Alternative Certification program provides various levels of support for its students. The following list gives a brief overview of our support network:

Cohort Format

Alternative Certification students work as a cohort through the first year of your coursework. The Integrated Teaching and Learning course is a nine-hour strand that targets the most critical content for teacher preparation coupled with the support of a common instructor and cohort of classmates.

University Mentor

The program participants will have the benefit of sustained support from a retired educator who helps you to be successful. During the first semester, you are assigned a long-term mentor. The University Content Mentor (UCM) is recognized as an expert in a specific content area and will develop an on-going relationship with you that begins with up to twenty hours of logged mentor support in the fall semester. They will continue in this mentor relationship serving in a more summative role as the University Coordinator for practicum in the spring semester.

UofL Advisor

You will have a content-specific faculty advisor who will assist with Alternative Certification screening and selection, completion of program sheets, instruction for content methods in the spring semester, and serve as an advocate for you during the two-year program.

Alternative Certification Office Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator facilitates program design and implementation with both UofL and local school districts, coordinates mentor support, practicum and KTIP components, certification paperwork, and serves as an overall advocate for you in any/all areas that arise during the two-year program.

Application Process

Contact Brandon Gosset, brandon.gossett@louisville.edu, with the College of Education and Human Development to discuss the application process. For specific questions about the program’s curriculum, course scheduling, and hiring for teaching positions, contact Dr. Stefanie Wooten-Burnett, director of Alternative Certification, at stefanie.wootenburnett@louisville.edu.

You must complete the online application at UofL’s School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies website. In addition, an application to the Alternative Certification program must be completed. The deadline to apply each year is November 15th for January admission and April 15th for May admission.

Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Students are also required to take the GRE or the PRAXIS CASE as well as the PRAXIS subject assessment test (www.ets.org). Some applicants may also be required to take additional prerequisite courses. Please note that those who do not have a degree in the content areas in which they wish to teach must have a transcript evaluation completed.

Financial Aid

For information about scholarship opportunities at the CEHD, go to http://louisville.edu/education/financialaid

Metro College students can leverage the wealth development benefits of the High Five Program to assist with paying for this alternative certification course. This graduate program is not covered by Metro College benefits. However, MC students can graduate debt free with an undergraduate degree and then utilize this program to immediately teach and earn their graduate degree.

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Brandon Gossett at brandon.gossett@louisville.edu or (502) 852-0574.