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Read about the incredible accomplishments of our current students and alumni, how MC helped to shape their future, and their advice for other MC participants.

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  • Link to feature story: Becky Hall

    Becky Hall

    Student Spotlight

    "The MC program is awesome to be a part of when you receive bonus money for good grades, graduation money, and graduate debt free!!"

  • Link to feature story: Tori Henderson

    Tori Henderson

    Student Spotlight

    “UPS has enhanced my leadership skills and communication skills. Those are the skills I will need in the social work industry, and I feel well prepared.”

  • Link to feature story: Samantha Hodges

    Samantha Hodges

    Student Spotlight

    "The Metro College program has allowed me to go through college without worrying about my financial needs and the academic bonuses you receive at the end of the semester are truly amazing!"

  • Link to feature story: Alain Kagaba

    Alain Kagaba

    Student Spotlight Video

    "Working at UPS has contributed a lot to my personal and professional growth. It has taught me to be grateful and patient most of all."

  • Link to feature story: Cheyenne Kessinger

    Cheyenne Kessinger

    Student Spotlight

    “If you’re thinking about joining the program, do it. UPS is a great company to work for and you get your school paid for!”

  • Link to feature story: Lily Medley

    Lily Medley

    Student Spotlight Video

    "I knew that I wanted to be a nurse and I did not want to graduate with student loans. I saw that the Metro College program was an excellent fit for both goals."

  • Link to feature story: Kerrigan Miller

    Kerrigan Miller

    Student Spotlight Video

    “I was a great student in high school, but I did not receive much scholarship money. The Metro College program was appealing to me because it provided me with a steady income, work experience, and paid for my education all at the same time."

  • Link to feature story: Sara Moreland

    Sara Moreland

    Student Spotlight

    “UPS has been an incredible help and has encouraged me to achieve my short- and long-term goals and enabled me to go after my dreams."

  • Link to feature story: Haley Napier

    Haley Napier

    Student Spotlight

    “For those interested in the MC program, my biggest piece of advice is simply to go for it. It will be difficult, it will be stressful, but it will be worth it."

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We are proud of our current students and alumni and their incredible accomplishments! The MC Spotlight is a way for us to highlight the amazing things our current students and alumni are doing. As you read their stories, you will learn how their Metropolitan College experiences helped to shape their futures and influence their careers.

We are always on the lookout for inspiring MC Spotlight stories. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing a story with us, contact us at askmetro@kctcs.edu.

Note: At Metropolitan College, we consider our alumni anyone who has ever completed coursework and received tuition benefits with us.