Dawn Corder
MC Spotlight: Dawn Corder

Dawn Corder

Student Spotlight

Dawn Corder is a second-year student in the Computer and Information Technologies program at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC).

Dawn has been with the Metropolitan College program since Fall 2019 and has already received several certifications from JCTC in A+ Prep, Computer Tech Basic, and Net+ Prep.

This spring, Dawn received a nomination for the 2021 Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award, an award that recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, work-life balance, and academic success.

“I am so excited that I am able to go to college and graduate deft free. I couldn't afford to do so without help from this program,” said Dawn, an Administrative Assistant at UPS Worldport.

Set to graduate in the fall of 2021 from JCTC with an Associate of Applied Science, Dawn aims to apply for a co-op position in information technology to gain industry experience.

“For anyone that is interested in the MC program, don't hesitate in joining,” said Dawn. “It will change your life for the better. You will be given every opportunity to have the career of your dreams.”

Learn more about Dawn Corder in this Metropolitan College Spotlight Q&A Interview

What led you to choose your major and what are your plans after graduation?
I chose my major based off my love for computers and how excited I get when I can successfully fix a computer or printer. My plans after graduation are to apply for a co-op position in the IT field to further my skills and opportunities in the industry. The steps that I have taken to meet these goals are to keep in touch with my advisor to make sure that I am on track to graduate every semester. I also took summer classes to help me graduate sooner. I also make sure to know the dates for co-op positions near me, so that I am ready once I graduate to apply for those positions.

What has been your involvement with co-curricular activities, co-ops or internships, volunteer experience, community service, undergraduate research, etc.?
I was very involved in my high school's Beta club, so now that I am in college, I like to give back to my community when I can. I buy clothes for an angel from the Angel Tree on Christmas, and I have helped out with the Jack O' Lantern Spectacular that comes to Iroquois park every Halloween. I enjoy volunteering in my free time. I also like to give back to my community by donating to the United Way charity every year at UPS.

What has been your biggest challenge as a MC participant and how did you overcome this challenge?
My biggest challenge has been working third shift and keeping up with my online and in-person classes every day. I have overcome this challenge by keeping a physical calendar by my laptop that I track what classes and assignments need to be completed each day. I try to do assignments for two classes each day, so that I have the weekends to myself. I also schedule myself free time each day, so I can relax and take a break from my classes. I find that this helps me focus on my assignments better once I can take a break.

What motivates and drives you to succeed while pursuing your educational goals?
I am very self-motivated, and I have a strong will power to achieve my goals. If I set my mind to something, I will complete it. I keep telling myself every day that I am one step closer to graduating college and being able to work in the IT industry.

How has working at UPS contributed to your personal and professional growth?
UPS has really helped me with my personal and professional growth. Professionally, they have helped me with my communication skills, team building, multi-tasking, and prioritization. Personally, they have helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities.

What person(s) has been the biggest influence in your life and why?
My grandma has been the biggest influence in my life because she has always been there for me whenever I needed her growing up. She taught me to be selfless, caring, and thoughtful in everything that I do. She also taught me to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to me.

What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?
Something interesting about me would be that I am a video gamer in my spare time. I love playing with my friends, and I am very competitive.

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