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Abigail Faulstick

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“I love mentoring and speaking to incoming Metropolitan College students in the operation and sharing tips for success as they navigate through the program,” said Abigail Faulstick said, a Ramp Training Supervisor at UPS Worldport.

The most exciting part of Abigail’s position at UPS is training new hires; this includes creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, communicating company policies and procedures, resource sharing, and facilitating small group discussions to ensure new employees understand and retain safety information.

Abigail, a junior communications major at the University of Louisville, has been with the Metropolitan College program since Fall 2018 and has maintained academic excellence every semester.

“Thanks to UPS and Metropolitan College, I have the ability to live the life I deserve. I can graduate debt free, and I don’t have to worry about student loans, Abigail said.

This spring, Abigail received a nomination for the 2021 Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award, an award that recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, work-life balance, and academic success.

With a passion for helping others, Abigail intends to explore career opportunities in human resources and social work after graduation.

Learn more about Abigail Faulstick in this Metropolitan College Spotlight Q&A Interview

What has been your biggest challenge as a MC participant and how did you overcome this challenge?
My biggest challenge has been balancing time between school and UPS. My best piece of advice is to talk to your management team and find a position that is best for you that you can excel in to get your degree.

What motivates and drives you to succeed while pursuing your educational goals?
I want to give myself and my little brother the lives we deserve. I also want a future with my boyfriend to where we are both happy and content with what we accomplished.

How has working at UPS contributed to your personal and professional growth?
I am 21 years old, and I have my own health insurance plan. I help my mother pay for half the bills at home and I paid off my new 2017 car in less than a year.

What person(s) has been the biggest influence in your life and why?
My boyfriend and my coworkers have always been there for me. A while back, I took a break from school due to personal reasons. My boyfriend encouraged my return to college and has been by my side. My coworkers are fun to work with and provide a supportive team environment.

What advice do you have for students interested in the MC program?
Take a breath and don't let the stress get the best of you.

What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?
I have participated in the plane pull and Paralympics. I have won several writing contests. I am also an author and published several books online

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