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I am a first-generation college student. The Metropolitan College program was a great opportunity to go to my dream college and have it paid for. The Metropolitan College also led me to the Norton Healthcare-UPS Health Care Career Tracks program. This program is life changing! Take advantage of all the opportunities in your college career. I [accepted] a Patient Care Associate job at Norton Healthcare. Thanks to UPS and the Metropolitan College program, I've developed critical skills in time management as well as shared an experience with a host of great people. 2020 Outstanding UofL Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.

Hometown: Radcliff, KY
Jackson Jones Iv 400X400
Jackson Jones IV
I’m from Cuba where I lived until I was 17 years old. I learned English within a year after moving to the United States, and after graduating from Doss High School, I later decided to pursue a college career. Working nights, volunteering, and going to school full-time [was] incredibly hard, but I graduated with a great GPA considering the circumstances of working nights and spending extra hours volunteering. Without Metro College, I would have never graduated debt free. I always got support from the MC advisors. 2020 Outstanding UofL Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.
Elianis Rodriguez 400X400
Elianis Rodriguez
Thanks to UPS, I have the opportunity to graduate debt-free with a degree! Working night shift certainly is a sacrifice but it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It really seems like such a small price to pay to graduate debt-free! 2019 Outstanding UofL Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.

Hometown: Taylorsville, KY
My proudest accomplishment in life has been finishing my nursing degree because I have been faced with many challenges along the way. I was led to participate in the Metropolitan College program because it was an opportunity for me to go to school and finish debt-free. Being able to not worry about the expense of school has allowed me to focus on my education and raising my son. Take advantage of all the benefits UPS has to offer and graduate school debt-free. It is difficult working third shift, but it will be well worth making this sacrifice in the end. 2019 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Brittany Payne 400X400
Brittany Payne
My proudest moment in life so far was when I graduated with my associate’s degree. I was the first and the youngest of my siblings to graduate from college. Thanks to UPS, I graduated debt-free and I now have a career as a Surgical Technologist at Norton Audubon. 2019 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Dameon Dye 400X400
Dameon Dye
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