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I will never stop promoting this amazing program! It doesn’t matter how old, educated or how great your cards were dealt to you—anyone can make a life for themselves here at UPS especially through a wonderful program. There are so many people working alongside you that are going through college and working nights with you, you aren’t alone and there are so many opportunities that UPS can offer you aside from the degree!

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Without the Metro College program, I could not have afforded to go to college. It allowed me to be the first in my family to receive a college degree. I’ve held a full-time job for the past five years at a top rated company in the insurance industry. I have moved up and made many contributions to my current job and always looking to do more! My advice for current and prospective Metro College students is to remember that there is an end goal in sight, just stay focused on what you can do today to get where you need to be tomorrow.

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Heather Luckett 400X400 Updated
Heather Luckett
Since graduating from the Metro College Program, I accepted a job teaching freshman English at Seneca High School and coaching their tennis teams! My experience as a supervisor in Small Sort allowed me to practice my classroom management and people skills, learn how to build relationships, and to keep documentation, which is essential in my profession. The Metro College program not only paid for my education, but it gave me my amazing husband and the best friends I could ever ask for. My Metro College friends became my family, and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience!

Hometown: Shepherdsville, KY
Taylor Jacob 400X400 Resize
Taylor Jacobs
I bought my own house at the age of 25 and I wouldn't have been able to achieve that goal if it wasn't for the foundation that was being built underneath of me while working and going to school at the same time. That solid foundation is the reason I am where I am today!

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Participating in the Metro College program has truly given me something I never thought I would have—a debt-free college education. I’ve been able to further my education for almost no money out of my pocket whatsoever. I’ve been able to save my money and feel better prepared for my future. I'm doing good in school and on track to get my degree and certification. I love my job and have achieved so much at UPS in such a short time. Just knowing that I'm working hard and setting up a good future for myself is what I really am most proud of. I am currently in my second semester and on track to receive my associate’s degree and certification in aviation maintenance. 2020 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award Recipient.

Hometown: Shepherdsville, KY
Taylor Mc Cauley 381X381
Taylor McCauley
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