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Helen Ashley Mulloy

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Helen Ashley Mulloy is a hardworking 22-year-old college student at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) in Louisville, Kentucky. “I needed a way to pay for school and I didn’t want to graduate with debt, so I applied for a job at UPS and joined the Metropolitan College program,” said Mulloy.

Through the Metropolitan College/UPS program, Mulloy works part-time at the UPS Next Day Air Operation in Louisville, Kentucky to qualify for the company’s tuition-free benefits. Mulloy has been an unloader and quality trainer at UPS for several years and most recently advanced her leadership skills through membership on the CERC committee. “I want to help make work a better place for my co-workers and myself and that is why I am so involved with work,” said Mulloy.

Mulloy admits that working third shift and going to school can be challenging. “Working third shift is hard and adding school to that schedule is exhausting, but I am somehow surviving,” said Mulloy. Mulloy went on to share that her oldest brother, a recovering heroin addict, has been the biggest influence in her life. “He hit rock bottom and he is now clean. He has showed me what it’s like to work hard and overcome obstacles. If he can overcome addiction, then I can finish school,” said Mulloy.

The education major loves working with kids and aspires to be an elementary special education teacher. Mulloy has several family members with special needs and has a strong desire to continue working with this population. She later shared that she had the wonderful opportunity of helping out in special education classes and traveled to a special Olympics ski trip as a student at Pleasure Ridge High School in Louisville, Kentucky. “I am always happiest around kids,” said Mulloy, who plans to graduate with her associate degree in May 2019.

It is because of Mulloy’s outstanding leadership and commitment to academic excellence that she was selected as one of the recipients of the Spring 2018 JCTC Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award. Metropolitan College congratulates Helen Ashley Mulloy on her outstanding accomplishments and wishes her all the best with her future endeavors.

Photo: Helen Ashley Mulloy, the Spring 2018 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award recipient, attending recognition ceremony with parents, Michelle and Joe Mulloy. The JCTC Awards Night ceremony was held on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00 at Jefferson Community and Technical College, Downtown Campus - Health Science Hall.

Learn more about Mulloy’s Metropolitan College experience in this Q&A.

Q: What steps have you taken to prepare for your career field and/or gain related skills and experience?

I peer tutored in high school to understand the responsibilities of working in a special education classroom. I have also observed in multiple classrooms in elementary and high schools so that I could see what different classrooms are like and to make sure elementary is the level I want to be in.

Q: What benefits or services you have enjoyed most about the MC program?

I love that I will not have debt when I graduate and that I get to earn an academic bonus each semester for my hard work and dedication for passing my classes. I don’t know what I would do without Metro College!

Q: How has working at UPS prepared you for your career field? What professional skills have you learned (or are learning) that's made a difference to you?

Working at UPS has helped me prepare for my career field because I am a quality trainer and so I have to work with new hires and teach them how to do the job. I also have learned patience. We get a variety of different people and some learn faster than others and some have different work ethics. I am patient and work with the new hires until they understand how to get things done safe and efficiently.

Q: What has most contributed to your success with balancing academic, work, and personal life?

Time management is key to success. I try my best to plan and space out homework, so I do not get overwhelmed and also make time for myself

Q: When you are not at UPS or in school, how do you like to spend your time?

When I’m not at work or in school I enjoy spending time with family and my boyfriend. We usually play games or go bowling.

Q: What advice do you have for incoming MC participants who want to make the most out of the program?

UPS is hard but it’s all worth it. I am working hard now so that I won’t struggle later. Plus, I will not have debt when I graduate. Start out with 2-3 classes at first to get a feel of third shift and college and add more when you’re ready.

Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment in life so far?

My proudest accomplishment in life so far is going to school and working at UPS because neither my mom or dad went to college and neither did my brothers

Q: What is your favorite quote/life motto?

“Whatever I will become will be what God has chosen for me.” -Elvis Presle

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