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MC Spotlight: Breanna Sherrard

“Thanks to UPS, I will be able to reach my dream of becoming a nurse, which will allow me to make the most intimidating, unnerving and despairing moments of someone's life better in more ways than one,” said Metropolitan College alum, Breanna Sherrard.

Sherrard received a few small college scholarships. However, upon graduating from North Bullitt High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Sherrard quickly discovered that college was extremely expensive and UPS was the only option to graduate debt-free.

Sherrard, a senior at the University of Louisville and upper division nursing student, worked third-shift at the UPS Next Day Air Operation in Louisville, Kentucky to qualify for the company’s tuition-free benefits. Sherrard was hired on to UPS in July of 2015 and she participated in the Metropolitan College/UPS program for six consecutive semesters. During this period, Sherrard maintained an impressive 3.937 GPA while taking a full-time course load and completing clinical rotations in the nursing program. Moreover, Sherrard was a Dean's List recipient for multiple semesters and active member of the National Student Nurses Association.

The nursing major has wanted to work in the medical field for as long as she can remember. “After losing my grandmother, I saw how much of an impact a dedicated and caring nurse can make. From that point forward, I dreamed of becoming a life-changing nurse,” said Sherrard.

Because of Sherrard’s outstanding leadership and commitment to academic excellence, she was awarded the Spring 2018 Outstanding UofL Metropolitan College Student Award. Metropolitan College congratulates Breanna Sherrard on her outstanding accomplishments and wishes her all the best with her future endeavors.

Sherrard moved on from the Metropolitan College/UPS program at the end of the spring 2018 semester in order to accept an amazing opportunity to join the University of Louisville Hospital externship program. “The externship program is known to be extremely prestigious and highly competitive. It is safe to say that I never dreamed that out of hundreds of applicants I would be one of the thirty chosen participants,” said Sherrard. Through this nine-week paid externship program, Sherrard worked side-by-side with a registered nurse, providing hands-on patient care, and developing clinical reasoning skills necessary for quality patient care delivery. “I plan on working in the intensive care unit upon graduation and then later down the road return back to school to become a nurse anesthetist,” said Sherrard.

Photo 1: Breanna Sherrard attending the UofL Student Awards recognition ceremony held on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Student Activities Center Multipurpose Room.
Photo 2:
Photo 2: Breanna Sherrard, the Spring 2018 Outstanding UofL Metropolitan College Student Award recipient, captures a photo with award plaque outside of the Grawemeyer Hall building located on the Belknap Campus of the University of Louisville. This building houses administrative offices of the university's president.

Learn more about Breanna Sherrard’s Metropolitan College experience and career advice in this Q&A.

Q: What benefits or services have you enjoyed the most about the MC program?

I have most enjoyed the academic bonuses, book reimbursements, and tuition coverage. The MC program allowed me solely to focus on school as I never had to worry about finances, unlike most of my peers. The MC program also allowed me to connect with representatives that met with me individually to create a professional resume and prepare me for future interviews.

Q: How has working at UPS prepared you for your career field?

Working as an administrative assistant at UPS while enrolled as full-time student has taught me how to manage my time regarding school, work, and a social life as well as how to remain calm when I am feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, my time at UPS has also taught me how to communicate effectively and clearly with my peers. I know the three previous skills mentioned will help me provide exceptional care to my future patients and will also help me communicate with my colleagues.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a MC participant?

My biggest challenge as a MC student was trying to adjust to a night shift schedule while having to wake up early for morning clinicals and classes. My dream of graduating and making the worst day of someone's life better has not only inspired me and motivated me to persevere but has also contributed to my success in balancing academic, work, and personal responsibilities

Q: When you are not at UPS or in school, how do you like to spend your time?

When I am not at UPS or in school, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. Spending time with these amazing people tend to entail outdoor adventures, bike rides, board games, hilarious conversations, and so much more.

Q: What advice do you have for incoming MC participants who want to make the most out of the program?

My best advice for incoming MC participants is to come into the program open-minded and to be aware that working night shift while also fully committing to school is challenging and may even seem impossible at first. Though it is possible and is extremely rewarding.

Q: Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

My parents have been the two biggest influences in my life because they have showed me that if there is a will there is a way and that the sky is the limit. No matter how ambitious my dreams have been they have always showed me nothing but the upmost love and support. I would not be half the person that I am today if it wasn't for my two goofy, caring, and courageous parents. I will never be able to thank them enough for all that they have given me.

Q: What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?

I spend a majority of my time in class and at the library soaking in all the information I can to ensure I can provide exceptional care to my future patients. However, I take advantage of every chance I get to spend time with the most amazing support system a girl could ever have which includes my amazing family, friends, boyfriend, and dog. I absolutely love being outdoors and spend as much time possible hitting the trails at Bernheim and Red River Gorge.

Q: What is your favorite quote/life motto?

"Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile.

Spotlight Update:

“Thanks to UPS, I will not have to pay any student loan debt and actually graduated [the UofL nursing program] with summa cum laude honors. I am ecstatic that I recently accepted a full-time registered nurse position at Our Lady of Peace and am scheduled to begin July 1st. I will be working with patients ages 3-11 years old and could not be more excited to help mold our troubled youth. After working full-time for a year or two, I plan on continuing my education by going back to school to receive my doctorate in nursing practice in mental health.”

~Breanna Sherrard, MC Alum - May 14, 2019

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