MC Spotlight: Trent Walls

Trent Walls

Student Spotlight

Meet the creative visionary and videographer for our Metropolitan College Promotional Video- Trenton Walls. As a University of Louisville senior, Walls will be graduating in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Working third shift at UPS while attending school full-time, Walls is a proud participant in the Metropolitan College program and a true testament to how the program assists students in launching their career.

His editing routine consists of text, transitions, color correction, voice over, synchronization, audio mixing/eq, and rendering. Trent’s software of choice is Sony Vegas Pro 14, Adobe Premiere, SONAR, Photoshop (for overlays and graphics).

Teaming up with students from JCTC and UofL along with the Student Development Team at Metropolitan College, Walls continued to impress those around him with his talent through the art of videography and contagious personality. This experiential learning opportunity was provided by Metropolitan College with the vision of capturing homage to our program and benefits to a debt-free education. Walls embraced this project and its versatility providing full production of every aspect for capturing the. Trenton Walls is a scholar and opportunist, representing Metropolitan College, UPS, and UofL admirably.

Watch the Metropolitan College Promotional Video created by Trent Walls.

Special Recognition to our testimonies provided by student volunteers:

Dameon Dye- Jefferson Community and Technical College

Julie Hummel- University of Louisville

Rachel Roarx- University of Louisville

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