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High School Student- How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to get started? Students who register for our program will receive program information, quarterly newsletters, as well as invites to upcoming events.


Step 1 Attend a Health Care Career Track Symposium At Your School

Step 2 Demonstrate Your Interest in the Program By Registering for the High School Health Care Career Track Program

(Program registration allows you to receive information on program updates and notifications. Note: Participants should be high school juniors/seniors or older.)

Step 3 Attend Norton and UPS Sponsored Events

(Note: Norton events may require Immunizations and Internship Registration Forms Required.)

Step 4 Prepare To Participate in Metropolitan College

  • File the FAFSA at [School Code: JCTC (006961) or UofL (001999)]

Step 5 Begin Employment at UPS and Complete College Coursework

  • Sign a Metro College Agreement
  • Attend JCTC or UofL as a Metro College participant and a major in a designated track
  • Register as a Metro College Health Care Career Track Participant

Step 6 While Participating in the Metro College Program, Meet with a Norton Career Coach

Step 7 Engage in Norton Healthcare Education Benefits 12-16 Months Prior to Graduation

  • You can continue working at UPS and apply to become a Norton Scholar.
  • You can apply to work at Norton Healthcare part-time or PRN (as needed), up to 36 hours every six weeks.
  • You can apply to become a student apprentice in designated Norton career track programs.

Step 8 Congrats College Graduate!

Your Norton Career Coach will assist you in applying for employment at Norton Healthcare as a credentialed candidate.