2024 Outstanding Metropolitan College Award Winners and Nominees

The Metropolitan College Outstanding Student Award was established in 2013 and recognizes the workforce achievements of student participants attending Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) and the University of Louisville (UofL) working third shift at UPS who demonstrate outstanding leadership, work-life balance, and academic success.

Nominations are held during the spring semester, and the awards are presented each year during the annual Student Awards ceremony at each school.

To view the award and selection criteria for the 2024 nominations, click here.

On April 16th, the annual Student Success Awards ceremony was held at JCTC's Downtown Campus. On April 17th, the annual UofL Student Awards was held in the Student Activities Center.

Winners from each school were presented with an award plaque.

A special thank you to everyone who submitted nominations this year.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Thank you for your outstanding contributions and hard work. We truly appreciate everything you do. We wish you continued success in your academic and career pursuits.

Below is the full list of the nominees and winners for 2024 Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Schladand, MC Student Development Counselor at sarah.schladand@kctcs.edu | scprid01@louisville.edu


JCTC Nominees:

  • David A.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Skyler B.
  • Jacob K.
  • Jasmine N.
  • Brooke S.

UofL Nominees:

  • Anab A.
  • Walter B.
  • Jay C.
  • Hailey C.
  • Jacob D.
  • Jeremiah E.
  • Stacie F.
  • Haley G.
  • Mikayla G.
  • Kaytlyn G.
  • Torie H.
  • Desmond J.
  • Allyson J.
  • Weiting L.
  • Sheyann L.
  • Corey M.
  • Tracy M.
  • Loic M.
  • Isha O.
  • Alexander P.
  • Sammy P.
  • Jennifer S.
  • Sidney S.
  • Lakin S.
  • Greta T.
  • Aniyah W.