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Samuel Bockman

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The road to success begins with taking the first step. This is what Samuel Brockman, a Metropolitan College participant, chose to do when he moved an hour and a half from home (Northern Kentucky) to Louisville, KY to start his college education. Brockman has successfully maintained a 3.621 cumulative GPA and will graduate from Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) with an Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science in May 2016. 

Brockman said:

I moved away from friends, family, and everything I had ever known for the entire eighteen years of my life to a city where I didn't know anyone, with the exception of my cousin. When I think back to how much the [Metropolitan College program] influenced my life, I am absolutely grateful.

Metropolitan College is a Kentucky partnership between UPS, the University of Louisville (UofL) and Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC). Participating students work third shift at UPS to get full-time undergraduate tuition paid to UofL or JCTC as well as book reimbursement, bonuses and other benefits.

Thanks to UPS, I have confidence in what my future holds for me.

So, why did Brockman choose to major in fire science? Like many other emergency services professionals, Brockman has a desire to help others. His willingness to take risks and immerse himself into emergency situations to save people unknown to him is truly the nature of someone with a servant’s heart. Another supporting reason Brockman chose to major in fire science was because he has struggled with being overweight. He shared that both of his parents, along with many of his relatives, are overweight. “I will tell you that I am not yet where I wish to be regarding my physical shape. However, day by day, step by step, I work toward overcoming my adversity with my weight issue,” said Brockman. Brockman believes that through striving to become a skilled firefighter and undergoing the required physical tests, he will succeed in reaching and maintaining his weight loss goal and adopt a healthier lifestyle in the process. 

I went from mom and dad taking care of nearly all my bills, along with doing my laundry on the weekends, to immersing myself in responsibility

Brockman started working third shift at UPS as a package handler. He served on the health and safety committee for a while and was later promoted into his first ever management position at UPS as a frontline supervisor, managing a crew of seven employees to accomplish nightly operation goals. I went from mom and dad taking care of nearly all my bills, along with doing my laundry on the weekends, to immersing myself in responsibility,” said Brockman. As a result of working third shift at UPS and participating in the Metropolitan College program, Brockman has learned how to budget his finances, create new relationships, file his own federal tax returns, and the list goes on. “Each little aspect isn't a big deal by itself. But, when you look at the big picture, I became an independent and self-sufficient person. Thanks to UPS, I have confidence in what my future holds for me!” said Brockman.

Brockman largely credits his UPS management position to the knowledge he gained from the Metropolitan College Experiential Learning Module requirement. All Metropolitan College participants are required to participate in the Career and Academic Program Plan (CAPP) in which students develop customized action plans to strengthen their academic and career goals. Specifically, students will complete a resume (30 credits), review and plan for experiential learning opportunities (60 credits) and participate in a mock interview (90 credits). The Experiential Learning Interactive Module CAPP requirement introduces students to various experiential learning opportunities including, but not limited to, co-ops and internships, career-related volunteer and co-curricular experiences, and UPS employment opportunities. It is through completing the Metropolitan College CAPP requirements that Brockman learned how he could pursue internal promotion opportunities at UPS. 

Congratulations to Samuel Brockman on being the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award.

Brockman plans to continue working for UPS after graduation and maintain his volunteer position at his local fire department. Brockman has already accumulated 56 ride-along hours with the Louisville Fire Department. Furthermore, Brockman has gained invaluable hands-on training from courses taken in the fire science program. He has acquired certifications in areas such as survival and rescue, handling ropes, leadership training, pump operations, fire attack and suppression. He even had the opportunity to participate in controlled burn training programs. 

Brockman was the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding JCTC Metropolitan College Student Award. He will be recognized at the JCTC’s annual awards ceremony on April 20, 2016.    

Brockman’s advice to current and incoming Metropolitan College participants: 

I won't try to fool you- at times, working third shift at UPS and going to school full-time can be challenging. Keep an open mind, welcome good advice, and surround yourself with good people. The Metropolitan College staff want to see you succeed. So, by joining the Metropolitan College program, you will have a strong support system.

Brockman will graduate in December 2016 with his associate degree in fire science. His road to success started with him joining the Metropolitan College program. His courageous “steps” are now leading him to a rewarding career helping others in the city of Louisville.  

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