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Benjamin Spicer, MC Spotlight

Benjamin Spicer

Student Spotlight
Congratulations to Benjamin Spicer on being the Video Winner for the 2015 Share Your Metropolitan College Experience contest.

Watch the video to learn what Benjamin Spicer has to say about the Metropolitan College program. Running Time: 2:01. March 16, 2016

Writer: Benjamin Spicer; Video Editor: Renecia Griffie Davis, MC Student Development Counselor  

Q&A With Benjamin Spicer

Now I'm here and I love it!

What is your Hometown City, State? 
Greenup, Kentucky

What led you to participate in the Metropolitan College program?
I went to a college fair my senior year in high school and saw a UPS booth. I wondered why in the world they would possibly be there so I went to talk to them and found out about the Metro College program. After hearing the details I knew that's what I wanted to do right away, but I had to first take care of some personal issues before getting started with the Metro College program. Now I'm here and I love it!

What is your Anticipated Graduation Date? 
December 2016

What is your major/area of study and why did you choose this path?
I am a communications major. I have always been interested in writing and talking to others, so I felt this would be a great career path for me.

What are your plans after graduation?
I hope to find a position to gain some experience in the field and move closer to home. I also want to get my master's degree at some point.

What steps have you taken to gain related experience for your career field? 
I have written for the school newspapers at two universities and participated in an internship in video production last summer. This summer I will be completing an internship for credit.

Don't give up.

What advice do you have for current and incoming Metropolitan College participants who want to make the most of the program? 
Don't give up. It can seem overwhelming at first but once it's all over, you realize that you accomplished a lot.

Thanks to MC/UPS, I ... (fill in the blank). 
I learned a lot about myself as a student and a person.

Favorite Quote/Life Motto
"Shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud" - Kanye West

The End

Metropolitan College is looking for current and former Metropolitan College participants to spotlight! If you know of someone, please contact Renecia Griffie Davis, Student Development Counselor at or 502-852-2534.

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