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Alexa Brunner

Student Spotlight

Metro College: Making Career Goals Happen

Congratulations to Alexa Brunner on being a finalist in the Fall 2015 Share Your Metropolitan College Experience Contest.
I am able to proudly say that I have a college degree debt free, which is such a wonderful feeling.

The Metropolitan College program has helped me to achieve my goals personally and professionally by providing me with the education that I needed to gain such a wonderful job, debt free. I was able to go to college and focus mainly on my academics instead of worrying about how I was going to be able to afford my college degree. I am able to proudly say that I have a college degree debt free, which is such a wonderful feeling. 

I have had many employers compliment me on my Metro College resume.

Metro College provided mock interviews, which helped me tremendously when it came to career interviews after college. It prepared me for looking forward to difficult questions during the interview, prove to the interviewer that I had confidence in each of my answers, and that I was prepared for any questions thrown my way.

Metro College helped edit and prepare my resume. Putting together a well thought out resume takes some hard work and organization skills. Metro College walked me through how to construct and organize my resume to create a well put together representation of my career goals, [experience], and skill levels. The few interviews I have had, many employers complimented me on how well constructed my resume was and [said]  most resumes employers receive were not as well organized as the resume Metro  College helped me create. I can thank Metro College for all the help and support that they provided to make sure that my college experience was memorable and beneficial. Thanks Metro College!

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