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Justin Bruner

Student Spotlight

UPS and Metropolitan College gave me a second chance.

Congratulations to Justin Bruner for being the 3rd Place Essay Winner in the Fall 2015 Share Your Metropolitan College Experience Contest.
Metropolitan College has given me a second chance for success, and I could not ask for a better opportunity to take the reins on the path to a better, more ideal life.

Before I started back to school I felt trapped. I dropped out in the fall of 2010 from Indiana University Southeast due to excessive travel, lack of sleep, and lack of motivation. Shortly after I dropped out, I left my job at UPS. After two and a half years of bouncing around from job to job feeling helpless, lost, and broken down, I knew it was time for a change. I knew I did not want to work my life away doing careers that required nearly no experience and ripping my youth away one demolition job at a time. I left my job as a construction worker, took up a new job at UPS, and with the help of Metropolitan College, I started my college experience over as a twenty-three year old freshman. 

UPS and Metropolitan College gave me a second chance. Currently I’m in my seventh week of school and I couldn’t be happier. The benefits are second to none and Metropolitan College has everything to do with why I’m ready to earn my degree and work my way through college without going into substantial debt. I’m happy to say that there is nowhere else I would rather be.  The fact that this opportunity is available in a time where college affordability seems more like a joke than a legitimate idea is imperative, and should be considered by anyone who does not have the means or resources to afford a college education. 

Metropolitan College has given me a second chance for success and I could not ask for a better opportunity to take the reins on the path to a better, more ideal life.

The End

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