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Written by Renecia Griffie Davis | April 8, 2021


The Metropolitan College Parent of the Year Award was established in 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no award given in 2020.

This year, the Metropolitan College Parent of the Year Award was celebrated virtually and Metropolitan College participants of Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) and the University of Louisville (UofL) were encouraged to nominate their parent or caregiver who made a significant impact and contribution in their life.

A selection committee comprising leaders of Metropolitan College and UPS judged student essays and selected one winner from JCTC and three winners at UofL.

All parents nominated received a congratulatory letter, certificate of recognition, and a copy of their student’s essay. Winners received an award plaque. In addition, UofL hosted their first ever Virtual Family Appreciation Week on March 1 -7, 2021 and concluded with the announcing of this year’s MC UofL Parent of the Year award winner sponsored by Commonwealth Credit Union in a pre-recorded video on Sunday, March 7, 2021.

At Metropolitan College, we understand families are an essential part of the support network for our students. We extend our congratulations and gratitude to all of the 2021 Metropolitan College Parent of the Year Award winners and nominees. Your dedication and commitment to our students is recognized and appreciated.

UofL Winners

UofL – Winners 1 of 3

Congratulations to Nyna and Grady Lyle, parents of Savannah Lyle!


Image 1 (Left to Right): Nyna Lyle (parent), Grady Lyle (parent), and Savannah Lyle (student)

Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout my year and a half of working at UPS, I have been almost 3 hours away from my family. It has been difficult but having my parents there for me has made a tremendous impact on my experience. They supported me and encouraged me when I found myself doubting my own abilities. Working at UPS, it is hard to find time to go home for holidays but they made it work. They traveled to my apartment and made home cooked meals with me. It made Louisville a home away from home. I love them so much. This is why I believe they should be the Metropolitan College Parent of the Year.

UofL – Winners 2 of 3

Congratulations to Amanda and Patrick Overall, parents of Raven Reeves!


Image 2 (Left to Right): Patrick Overall (parent), Amanda Overall (parent), and Raven Reeves (student)

Here’s an excerpt:

My parents have made an incredible impact on my life. My parents have always supported me for what was best for me. So, they helped me find an apartment in Louisville to be a Metro-College Student at UPS and attend UofL for Exercise Science. They help me pay for groceries. They call and check on me, and they tell me all time how they're proud of me for my decisions. They've pushed me all of my life to be successful. With so many dreams and promises, that I've made to myself and my family. I can't let myself or any of my parents down. They have been the extraordinary light for me through my darkest times. My parents have taught me so many things. I may still be young, but you learn as you grow. Through every difficult storm, they've always been the sun creating the rainbows in my day. I couldn't be proud of my parents. Because they're my heroes. They've been with me since Day 1. Furthermore, have always loved me for me. I think the beauty of having parents is you learn what it means to love, sacrifice, and be a mature adult. They have done so many things for me. Because of them, I wouldn't have made the changes necessary to get to where I'm at today. Furthermore, I wouldn't be a successful Metro-College Student without their love and support.

UofL – Winners 3 of 3

Congratulations to Greg Roution, parent Jack Roution!

RoutionImage 3: (Left to Right): Greg Roution (parent) Jack Roution (student)

Here’s an excerpt:

I believe he should be nominated for this because he picked up 2 more jobs on top of running the sexual assault program at Norton healthcare. He also became the Floyd County coroner and got a job at the VA working on the front lines of COVID patients. He did this because mom was laid off until everything was better or until her place of employment thought it was safe for everyone to come back to work. He's been nothing but supportive of me, my brother, and sister because he knows how hard the past year was on all of us and it means the world to our household how supportive he is.

JCTC Winner

Congratulations to Rachel and William Netherton, parents of Aaliyah Netherton!

NethertonImage 4: (Left to Right): Rachel Netherton (parent), William Netherton (parent), and Aaliyah Netherton (student)

Here’s an excerpt:

Becoming a single mom at the age of 22 wasn’t what I saw my life as. I had plans- like go to college, actually go away & do all the things you see in the movies, and have fun with friends, and graduate without disruptions or complications. God had a different plan for me though, & blessed me with a healthy baby girl. All of my family had given up on me, leaving me with only my dad & stepmom left. They gave up a lot just to let me move back home, my father, on top of working 3 jobs, also completely tore down my room & expanded it, re-wired lighting, painting & putting up walls. My stepmom took on the ‘Mom role’ for me & has stood by my side teaching me how to be a mother on my own. When I finally decided to join back to school, they told me it would hard, but worth it in the end & that they would help me in any way they possibly could. They would watch my daughter while I attend school, taking off extra stress on me. I am extremely blessed to have the parents I have, not only trying to make my college experience as stress-free as possible, but also going above and beyond to make sure my life is where I want it to be. I love you Mom & Dad, thank you for everything.

Complete List of Eligible Nominees and Winners

  1. Jackie and Matt Renn, parents of Brooklyn Atherton (UofL)
  2. Angela Borah, parent of Jared Borah (UofL)
  3. ***WINNER: Nyna and Grady Lyle, parents of Savannah Lyle (UofL)
  4. Tammy Breehl and James Mixon, parents of Heaven Mixon (UofL)
  5. ***WINNER: Rachel and William Netherton, parents of Aaliyah Netherton (JCTC)
  6. Carol Lane, parent of Abigail Prewitt (UofL)
  7. ***WINNER: Amanda and Patrick Overall, parents of Raven Reeves (UofL)
  8. Laura Rodgers, parent of Peyton Rodgers (UofL)
  9. ***WINNER: Greg Roution, parent of Jack Roution (UofL)
  10. Melissa and Robert Seigle, parents of Kristian Seigle (UofL)
  11. Carla Williams, parent of Cierra Williams (UofL)

Note: Listed in alphabetical order by the MC Student’s last name.


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