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Read about the incredible accomplishments of our current students and alumni, how MC helped to shape their future, and their advice for other MC participants.

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  • Link to feature story: Eric Nkundimana

    Eric Nkundimana

    Student Spotlight Video

    “Working at UPS has greatly helped me to grow both personally and professionally."

  • Link to feature story: Isho Omar

    Isho Omar

    Student Spotlight Video

    “What motives me to succeed is knowing not many people get an opportunity to go to college debt free. This drives me to continue my education and strive for the best."

  • Link to feature story: Danielle Pelfrey

    Danielle Pelfrey

    Student Spotlight

    “I decided to participate in the Metro College program after accumulating a hefty amount of college debt and struggling to live without using a credit card."

  • Link to feature story: Juliette Rosado

    Juliette Rosado

    Student Spotlight

    “I decided to participate in the Metro College program because I wanted to earn a higher education without having a huge debt to go along with it."

  • Link to feature story: Farhiya Shaban

    Farhiya Shaban

    Student Spotlight Video

    “Working at UPS has helped me strengthen my interpersonal skills and develop other skills that I can utilize in my future career."

  • Link to feature story: Brooke Siegman

    Brooke Siegman

    Student Spotlight

    Brooke’s advice to students interested in the Metropolitan College program, “Stick with it! It’s hard at first, but the rewards you get are more than worth it."

  • Link to feature story: Lily Stewart

    Lily Stewart

    Student Spotlight

    "The MC program has been an impetus behind my strengthened time management skills and allowed me to instill balance within my day-to-day routine."

  • Link to feature story: Hannah Tucker

    Hannah Tucker

    Student Spotlight

    "As I got closer to high school graduation, I started to seriously wonder how I was going to pay for college and other bills at the same time. I remembered what UPS had to offer through the Metro College program. In my eyes, it was a win-win, no brainer.”

  • Link to feature story: Rebecca Turley

    Rebecca Turley

    Student Spotlight Video

    “I ran out of financial aid due to having earned one prior degree and a decent amount of loans out already. Metro College was the only way I could achieve my goal of being an attorney."

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We are proud of our current students and alumni and their incredible accomplishments! The MC Spotlight is a way for us to highlight the amazing things our current students and alumni are doing. As you read their stories, you will learn how their Metropolitan College experiences helped to shape their futures and influence their careers.

We are always on the lookout for inspiring MC Spotlight stories. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing a story with us, contact us at

Note: At Metropolitan College, we consider our alumni anyone who has ever completed coursework and received tuition benefits with us.