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Kerrigan Miller

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“I was a great student in high school, but I did not receive much scholarship money. The Metro College program was appealing to me because it provided me with a steady income, work experience, and paid for my education all at the same time,” said Kerrigan Miller, senior and marketing major at the University of Louisville.

Kerrigan entered college undecided and spent the first semester exploring different career pathways. “The more I learned about marketing, the more it seemed like a good fit,” said Kerrigan. “I'm interested in advertising and digital media. I like that it's a stable career field with lots of opportunity for growth and that it's also an avenue to be creative.”

A dedicated and hard-working student, Kerrigan joined the Metro College program in Fall 2018 and has made the Dean’s List every single semester while working third shift at UPS. “If you put in the work, you won't regret participating in this program,” said Kerrigan.

This spring, Kerrigan received a nomination for the 2021 Outstanding Metropolitan College Student Award, an award that recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, work-life balance, and academic success.

Set to graduate in December 2021, Kerrigan is a member of the Student Marketing Association and participated in the President’s Council Mentoring Program this past academic year. “I'm excited to start my last semester and finish school!” said Kerrigan.

The soon to be graduate recently transitioned from UPS and is interning at Q the Agency, a marketing agency in Louisville. In this role, Kerrigan helps to manage social media accounts for clients and focuses on other digital marketing projects. “I'm super thankful to the Metro College program for helping me to this point in my educational career,” Kerrigan said.

After graduation, Kerrigan aims to start a career in the Louisville area and pursue an MBA degree.

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What has been your involvement with co-curricular activities, co-ops or internships, volunteer experience, community service, undergraduate research, etc.?
This year, I am currently participating in the President's Council Mentorship Program, which matches undergraduate students with someone in the Louisville area who works in their intended career field. I meet with my mentor at least twice a month and she has really helped guide my focus in marketing. I've gotten to learn some digital marketing tips from her coworkers at the marketing agency she is from. I have also gotten some hands-on experience by visiting a photoshoot for a client and seeing how the photos were used later in surveys and articles. It has been a great experience.

What has been your biggest challenge as a MC participant and how did you overcome these challenges?
My biggest challenge as a Metro College participant has probably been finding other activities that fit into my demanding schedule. I have been a full-time student my entire time in the MC program, and I work about 30-35 hours a week at UPS due to the nature of my position. There are so many clubs, organizations, and programs that there are opportunities to expand your college experience beyond working nights at UPS. You just have to take the time to find extracurriculars that are a good fit for you!

What motivates and drives you to succeed while pursuing your educational goals?
I've always had a strong internal drive to succeed; I graduated at the top of my class in high school. I enjoy learning and I know that the kind of jobs I am interested in, and the kind of challenges I want to take on in my career, require pursuing higher education. The Metro College Program also grants very generous bonuses to students. It's a good feeling knowing how much money I have been able to save during my time in college. I'll be able to start my life post college with financial confidence.

How has working at UPS contributed to your personal and professional growth?
Something that's important to both my personal and professional growth is time management. My time management skills are exceptional now that I have been juggling work and school for about three years.

Personally, I have also connected with a lot of other students in the workplace and been able to take classes with them too! It's nice to have made so many great friends.

Professionally, UPS has allowed me to take on more leadership roles and assume more responsibility working with my team. I have a position where I frequently have to drive around property to get containers (they hold packages and are loaded onto planes) and bring them back to my building, so we have enough materials to get through the night. It's important that I do my job well so that the rest of the building can function properly. Working at UPS has really reinforced the value of teamwork for me, too. So many things just aren't possible there without the work and full support of your team and that's true of many workplaces.

What person(s) has been the biggest influence in your life and why?
The people who have influenced me the most are my immediate family. My parents reinforced how important a college education was for me and my siblings. I come from a big family - there's 6 of us. My parents are big believers in working hard and teaching yourself how to tackle challenges. Growing up, they tried to make sure each of my siblings and I got really involved with school and extracurricular activities. They wanted us to know that we could do anything we put our mind to. They have also allowed me to stay at home and save money while working at UPS, and we live close enough to Louisville that commuting isn't an issue. Living at home during college has also made my relationship with my parents greater. We have a lot of respect for one another and it's nice to get their feedback on issues that come up at work or school.

I have two older sisters who pursued jobs in the medical field and are really dedicating their lives to helping people. One is a pharmaceutical oncologist, and the other is an occupational therapist. I have a younger brother who is also going into the field of business, but he is pursuing accountancy. We have all worked hard in everything that we do because of the values my parents instilled in us. I have a very healthy relationship with my family, and I realize that it's a blessing because not everyone can say the same.

What advice do you have for students interested in the MC program?
My advice to people interested in the Metro College Program is to do your research. Research jobs at UPS to see which kind is the best fit for you. Determine if you'd rather work days or nights. Research how your work schedule will line up with your class schedule - and make sure you schedule enough time to do your homework. Be prepared to work on time management skills as finding a balance between work and school can be tough in the beginning.

What are your hobbies and interests?
In my free time, I really enjoy reading. I mostly read mysteries and thrillers because I find them very entertaining, and I like to guess the endings. I also really like riding my bike when the weather is nice. And watching tv is one of my favorite pastimes . I use streaming services to watch content that's new or old. I'm a big fan of comedies like Parks & Rec.

What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?
I took piano lessons from ages 6-18. I don't have as much time to practice as I used to, but I can still play my favorite songs. And I love to play music for my family around the holidays. Also, I hope I can get a job that allows opportunities for lots of traveling! I think it would be exceptionally cool to visit amazing places and connect with people from completely different areas than me.

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