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Online Career Guide Mentor Program (for Volunteers)

Get Involved. Share your professional expertise with others. Volunteer to be an Online Career Guide/Mentor.

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Do you remember looking for your first job after college?


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If you were like most new college grads, you were excited—and a bit terrified about finding your first job. As an industry professional, you can get involved in a meaningful volunteer opportunity and provide professional guidance to students who are preparing to enter the workforce. 

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The Online Career Guide Mentor Program was launched in fall 2017.  The Online Career Guide Mentor Program is conducted entirely online and supports the professional development of students preparing to enter the workforce. 

This initiative aims to connect current students and recent graduates with industry professionals who will serve as their "Career Guides" for one-time feedback in one or more of the following areas: Resume Review, LinkedIn Profile Review, and Online Career Portfolio Review. 

How It Works

Volunteering to be a Career Guide is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  1.  Receive a match email notification
  2.  Review the student’s career-related document
  3.  Complete the online feedback form

Note: The goal is to match Career Guides with students who share similar career interests; however, all networking relationships are deemed valuable and can contribute to professional growth, knowledge sharing, and innovative ideas.

Time Commitment

The Online Career Guide Mentor Program is conducted entirely online (via email) and is flexible to accommodate the lives of busy professionals. Career Guides will receive no more than three (3) match email notifications in a given month, and it only takes 15-20 minutes to offer feedback. This volunteer opportunity is open year-round and Career Guides may opt-out at anytime. 

Note: Depending on the number of students and Career Guides participating, there may be months when you may or may not be matched with a student.

Professional Feedback Sessions (via email)

Online Career Guides may volunteer to complete one or more of the following one-time, professional feedback sessions:

  • Resume Review | Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes | Delivery Method: Email | Sample Resume Feedback Form | Provide constructive resume critiques using an online feedback form to help students promote their skills and experience to employers.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review | Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes | Delivery Method: Email | Sample LinkedIn Profile Feedback Form | Review LinkedIn profiles using an online feedback form to help market their personal brand, network with professionals, and showcase relevant skills and experience to employers. 
  • Online Career Portfolio Review | Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes | Delivery Method: Email | Sample Online Career Portfolio Feedback Form | Review career portfolio websites using an online feedback form to help students brand their candidacy and effectively highlight their relevant skills and experience to employers. 

Eligibility Requirement

The Online Career Guide Program is open to all career professionals (both within and outside the state of Kentucky) who are interested in supporting the professional development of our students who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently Employed or Retired; 
  • A minimum of one year of professional work experience; AND
  • Degree or credential preferred 


Online Career Guides are Expected to

  • Have a sincere desire to contribute to the career development of aspiring professionals
  • Monitor and check email at least once a week
  • Complete professional feedback session(s) within five (5) business days of match email notification
  • Notify program coordinator of  any changes to contact information or employment 

Online Career Guides are NOT Expected to:

  • Offer jobs or internships
  • Be industry experts or have all the answers
  • Extend contact with students beyond the one-time professional feedback session 


  • Gain personal satisfaction by helping an aspiring professional develop their potential
  • Expand your professional network and gain exposure to the emerging talent pool
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, and management skills 

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Questions? Contact Renecia Griffie Davis, MC Student Development Counselor at renecia.davis@kctcs.edu or (502) 213-4521. 

Note: If you are a current MC student or recent graduate interested in connecting with a Career Guide for a professional feedback session, please refer to your MYMC Page "CAPP Portfolio" or contact a MC Student Development Counselor for assistance.