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Book Reimbursement FAQ

Q. Can I turn in my form at the MC office located on the college campuses?

No. You need to drop your documents in one of our Metro College drop boxes located at every entrance of the UPS Air Park. Contact your Human Resources representative in your area if you have trouble finding a drop box location.

Q. I took a class last semester and failed, but now I am retaking it this semester. I turned in my receipt last semester because it had other books on it. Can I be reimbursed?

In this case we will need you to let us know ahead of time. We will make a copy of that receipt and give it to you to turn in with the rest of your forms. You will still be required to fill out everything on the new form even though we have the original receipt.

Q. I purchased a book last semester but ended up dropping the class. I'm taking the class this semester and using the book I purchased last semester. Can I get reimbursed for the book this semester?

Yes, contact Sara Heun about your situation at 502-416-3868. We will make a copy of your receipt so that you can fill out your current book reimbursement form correctly.

Q. Can I get reimbursed even though I don't have the receipt and I never got reimbursed for the book?

No. You must provide a receipt and proof of payment in order to receive reimbursement.

Q. Can I get reimbursed for required software?

Yes, software is acceptable and you will be reimbursed up to $65 per class. The maximum reimbursement for books and software combined is $65.

Q. How will I receive my reimbursement money? Does my book reimbursement money get added to my HigherOne Card?

No, a check will be mailed to the address that you have listed on Be sure to check to make sure your address is correct. If you move, you will have to make sure that you update it accordingly to avoid any delays.

Q. How can I make sure everything I submitted is accepted and I didn't leave anything out?

As long as you included your email address on your book reimbursement form you will receive a confirmation email. If additional information is needed, we will contact you via email.

Q. Can I still get reimbursed if I bought my books with my financial aid?

Yes, make sure you provide us with the original receipt showing the purchase.

Q. Will UPS give me an advance on my check so that I can buy my books?

No. We will not reimburse you for your books until we have verified that you have successfully passed your classes and worked through the work commitment period.

Q. Do I get reimbursed for my shipping and handling or a rental fee?

No. We will only cover the actual cost of the book. We do not pay for any fees or shipping and handling.

Q. If I withdraw or fail a class, can I still get reimbursed for my other classes?

Yes, as long as you submitted a book reimbursement form for the other classes along with your original receipts then you will be reimbursed, pending successful completion of your other classes and working through the work commitment period.

Q. Where do I find the Book Reimbursement form?

You can submit the book reimbursement form online via your MyMC page.

Q. I purchased a used book from a friend. Can I get reimbursed for it?

Unless you make this purchase through some sort of online site, like PayPal, then we cannot approve this purchase because we will need to see a proof of payment.

Q. Is there a limit to how many books I can get reimbursed for?

No. There is only a limit on the amount that we will reimburse you per class and that is up to $65.

Q. My boyfriend and I are sharing a book that cost $150. Can we both get reimbursed for it?

No, we will only reimburse one book, one time, for one person based on proof of payment.

Q. Will UPS pay for books purchased online and e-Books? Will UPS pay for rented books? What kind of documentation is required for reimbursement?

Yes, books purchased online, e-Books and rented books are acceptable to be reimbursed as long as your receipt shows proof of payment, billing, and shipping address. Although we will not cover any other fees associated with renting books.

To obtain an itemized view of your JCTC bill which includes the course(s) charging for an e-book, you can requested an itemized bill by either  (1) Email JCTC Bursar at or (2) email your assigned MC Student Development Counselor (Note: Assigned counselor is in the right hand corner of MyMC page).  Your request for an itemized bill must come from your school email account to protect your privacy. 

Q. I lost my receipt. Is there any way to get reimbursed for my books?

Contact Sara Heun at 502-416-3868 about your options. Each situation may be different.

Q. My girlfriend and I purchased our books together on one receipt. How do we turn in an original receipt on two different book reimbursement forms?

Make copies for one of the book reimbursement forms and turn the original in with the other. Please make note on the form of what was done to avoid any issues or delay. It will also help if you turned everything in together so that we can process them at the same time.

Q. Can I be reimbursed twice if I used the same book?

No, you can only be reimbursed once for a book.

Q. Is there a cap on the number of semesters you can receive book reimbursements?

No, you are eligible to receive book reimbursements every semester that you are a Metro College student.

Q. When will I receive e-mail confirmation that my book reimbursement has been received?

As long as you provided your email address, you will receive confirmation that we received it along with comments regarding any problems that we may have encountered with your paperwork. Due to the volume of book reimbursements received, please allow up to 30 days for a response.

Q. My parents bought my books and the payment information is in their name, how do I verify the book purchase is for me?

When you turn in your documentation, please note this information on the receipts.

Q. For online purchases, what is an acceptable receipt? I bought my book from a person off Craig's List, can this be reimbursed? If so, what information will I need to provide for proof of payment?

Online receipts must show proof of payment (usually showing the last 4 digits of your credit card), billing and shipping address to be approved.

Q. When will I receive my book reimbursement? (Estimated time frame or date)

Students will receive their book reimbursement within 4-6 weeks after the work commitment date. The work commitment dates are as follows:

  • December 31st for Fall semester
  • May 31st for Spring semester
  • September 30th for Summer semester

Q. Can I dispute a book reimbursement? How do I dispute a book reimbursement? Who or where is the information sent to?

Yes, you are welcome to submit a petition, providing details, if you feel there was an error in the amount you were to be reimbursed. If you decide to do so, you will need to complete the petition at the Metro College office at your school.

Q. If I have received notification of errors or discrepancies with my book reimbursement, how long do I have to fix the issue or what is the absolute last date to submit missing or corrections to my book reimbursements?

The comment section on the email should give you the date that you have to send in any correct documents. Seven days are usually given so that there is enough time to turn everything else in.

Q. If notifications regarding errors in my book reimbursements are sent to my school or personal e-mail, should I also receive notifications of book reimbursement process changes to the same extent?

We will send book reimbursement notifications to your school email address. All MC program information is sent to your MyMC page.

Q. Will UPS pay for art supplies?


Q. Will UPS pay for required magazine subscriptions?


Q. Are yoga mats/hair school/mechanic materials covered?


Q. Are online journals covered/ live text/ publications

e-Books and Live Text are covered. Online journals are not covered.

Q. Can I be reimbursed for an I-Clicker?


Q. What if my class starts after Oct. 15, will I be provided an extended deadline to submit my information?

Contact Kim Saylor at 502-359-1896 about your options. Situations like these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Is the JCTC MyLabPlus fee covered under the UPS book reimbursement program?