UPS LOOP Program

Receive a living allowance to pay for living expenses for up to 36 months while attending JCTC as a Metropolitan College participant.

Program Overview

The UPS LOOP, Living Options and Opportunities Path, provides eligible Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) Metropolitan College participants with a $325 per month living allowance. The living allowance is limited to 36 months, or completion of associate degree, whichever comes first.

UPS LOOP is available to all JCTC MC participants hired after 4/1/2021 who meet eligibility requirements and who have a confirmed and validated residency from any county in the state of Kentucky and the following counties in Southern Indiana: Clark, Crawford, Dearborn, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Jefferson, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, Switzerland, and Washington.

Program Benefits

Each student will directly receive $325 monthly living allowance

  • Program requirements must continue to be met
  • Living allowance payment will be added directly to last paycheck each month
  • For applicable taxes/deductions, amount will be grossed up to $514.65


General Eligibility

Effective July 23, 2021, LOOP will be available to 1DA new hires who work Sunday – Thursday OR Monday – Friday.

LOOP for 2DA employees will only be available to students who are in a designated career pathway program.

1DA Example Schedule:


  • Sunday approximately 9am-3pm AND
  • Monday -Thursday approximately 11pm to 3 or 4am


  • Monday – Friday before 10pm
  • On-line courses

2DA Example Schedule


  • Sunday-Thursday approximately 9am-3pm


NOTE: 2DA employees will not be eligible for Metro College academic bonuses. Students will only be eligible for Metro College tuition and fee payment benefit. Students will be eligible for the LOOP living allowance benefit.

Must be an active Metro College participant at JCTC with a signed agreement on file for each semester of enrollment in order to receive the living allowance.

Students are responsible for working with JCTC Academic Advising to select an academic plan that has course offerings that fit with your work schedule.


Admission Eligibility

  • Recent High School Graduate:
    • Must have an overall high school cumulative 2.5 GPA (GED 500)
    • Must be 18 or older to participate
  • Current College Student:
    • Must have cumulative 2.5 GPA from most recently attended postsecondary institution


Continuation of Benefits Eligibility

  • Must successfully complete (C or better) a minimum of 6 credit hours at Jefferson Community & Technical College (JCTC) for the Spring and Fall Semesters. Summer classes are optional but encouraged.
  • Must sign Metro College agreement each semester
  • Must have an overall cumulative 2.5 GPA (GED 500) from most recently attended educational institution
  • Must sign UPS LOOP agreement each semester
  • Failure to sign Metro College and UPS LOOP agreement each semester will result in discontinuation of living allowance payment.

Enrollment Process

1. Apply to UPS Employment: Complete online UPS employment application and interview process 30-45 days prior to desired start date.

2. Complete Required UPS LOOP Interest Form: Indicate your interest in UPS LOOP by completing this form (LOOP Interest Form).

3. Submit GPA Information: Email your most recent, HS or College, GPA transcript(s) to

4. Sign MC Agreement: Complete all steps of the MC Checklist to participate in Metropolitan College:

5. Sign UPS LOOP agreement: LOOP Education team will contact eligible participants with signed MC agreements to complete this step.


For additional information, log on to the UPSJobsKY website.

If you have questions about eligibility, contact