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Metropolitan College (MC) offices will have limited access to JCTC student records on Monday, July 3 and Wednesday, July 5. All MC offices will be open, however, we may not be able to sign JCTC students agreements on these days. Staff will be available to answer general questions and to complete scheduled CAPP requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Schedule an appointment to reduce your wait time for your next MC office visit. Check out the Metropolitan College Office Hours.


Any Metropolitan College student intending to sign student agreement must have an official FAFSA on file with the school you are attending.

Where do I go to file my FAFSA?

  • Go to www.fafsa.gov to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and make sure the correct school code is listed (JCTC—006961; UofL—001999).

When should I complete the FAFSA?

  • You should file your FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1.

What will I need to file my FAFSA?

  • You and your parent (if applicable) will need your income information. You DO NOT have to wait until taxes have been filed to complete your FAFSA. You can submit your FAFSA using best estimates of your income information (i.e. W-2’s, paycheck stubs, etc.).
  • You and your parent (if applicable) will need a FSA ID, which consists of a username and password, to electronically sign your FAFSA. If you do not have a FSA ID, you (and your parent if applicable) can create one. For assistance with creating a FSA ID, go to www.fafsa.gov.
  • School Code: UofL: 001999; JCTC: 006961

Where can I go to get assistance with filing my FAFSA?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at your college.

  • UofL Financial Aid Office: (502) 852-5511
  • JCTC Financial Aid Office: (502) 213-2137

Contact the Kentuckiana College Access Center (KCAC)
Jefferson Education Center (JEC)
200 W. Broadway, 7th floor
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 584-0475

What should I do after I complete my FAFSA?

  • Monitor your Financial Aid To-Do List items on Student Self-Service or ULink to ensure all additional procedures are complete by the school’s tuition deadline.
  • Returning MC Students with incomplete FAFSAs will not be able to sign the agreement. Examples of incomplete FAFSA’s include but are not limited to: Rejected FAFSA, Loan Default, Verification, etc.
  • New MC Students with incomplete FAFSAs can sign agreement using a FAFSA confirmation page for first agreement signing only. Bring your FAFSA Confirmation Page with you if you have completed the FAFSA within the last two weeks.

Financial Aid Tip Sheets

To further understand the process of completing the FAFSA and how financial aid affects your tuition benefits with Metropolitan College, review one of the financial aid tip sheets below.

NOTE: Any aid that exceeds 50% of a student’s tuition will be refunded by the school after the end of the Student Agreement period.